Quick Facts
Rank Apprentice
Specialty Knitting/Dyes
Mentor N/A
Posting Ista Weyr


Here's a young woman who's only a few inches over five feet tall and looks to be nearing the end of her teen yeas. Her face is rounded and soft looking, and has nice features. Her eyes are a bright shade of green and her lashes are full with a natural curl to them; topped by thin, light brown eyebrows. She has a petite, button nose set above soft plump lips; and her cheeks even have a natural rosie tint to them. Her hair is a light red almost orange color and is long enough to brush the middle of her back. Her bangs are long and with that side part; sweep across her forehead and are ususally tucked behind her ear. Keeping most of it away from her face, she's taken to keeping it tied back at the nape of her neck.

She's wearing a simple white, longsleeved collared shirt, tucked into a pair of dark brown trousers. Over both she wears a knitted duster that ends about mid-calf on her. It's made of a gradation of dark green to a somewhat shimmering dark blue yarn from top to bottom. On her feet she wears a pair of dark brown leather boots. On her shoulder she wheres the knots of an apprentice weaver and a rider in the Bay Pearl wing, with a green strand to represent her Tejath. Around her neck is a cute necklace with a gem charm that's cut to look like a tiny dragon egg. It starts off at the bottom in a burnt amber color, and shifts into a sunshine yellow at the top. The gold chain is thin, but not so tiny that she needs to worry about snapping it. And on her left ring finger she wears a silver hued ring with three green stones embeded in it; the center stone slightly bigger than the outer ones.


Aisling is the youngest of seven children and the only girl in her family. She grew up on the outskirts of Island River Hold, an exciting place for young boys to drag their baby sister all over and try to get her to cry. Her father is a deepsea fisherman and is gone for weeks into near months and, being as deeply in love as her parents are, they've had a lot of children; rationlizing that they've had so many boys to help take care of her mother while her father is out at sea. Her entire family is very carefree and fun loving, so she's taken it upon herself to be the serious one. The one who would be prepared when that disaster that no one thought would happen, happend. Dispite being so serious all the time, however; she's rather soft hearted and likes to help people she thinks are in need. She did, for a short time, let her mother dress her up in some of the most ubsurdly girlish outfits, but only as an attempt to let her mother do all the things she'd wished she could do after so many years of having nothing but boys to raise. And of course like every good little sister, she'd go out and play with her brothers in these little outfits, often getting them filthy or ripped. It wasn't untill she was in her early-teens that she actually started to care for her personal appearance and began watching her grandmother when she sewed things and began attempting to mimick the old woman. She wasn't very good at first, but she eventually got the hang of it. Her grandmother even taught her the basics of knitting and she found she enjoyed this more than actual sewing. During those short years she made several pieces of clothing for herself before her grandmother suggested she join the weaving craft.

Shortly after entering the weaver craft however, she was searched to stand for Ista Weyr's newest clutch by Ae'ran and his bronze Knephyth. After a fun and rather educating candidacy, she was Impressed to her green lady Tejath. The two have had their ups and downs during thier weyrlinghood, but every day they grow closer and learn to understand eachother a little better.


Name Relation Location Position Age (+/- Aisling)
Rikka Mother Island River Hold +35
Jaxson Father Island River Hold Fisherman +37
Jaxson Jr Brother Island River Hold Fisherman +18
Rixon Brother Seacraft Hall Master Fisher +13
Jaki Brother Seacraft Hall Master Fisher +10
Ehren Brother Seacraft Hall Journeyman Fisher +8
Kindlen Brother Island River Hold +3
Malakai Brother WoodCraft Hall Journeyman Forester +2






Brown Kesu
Myrrh and mahogany fuse together across the muzzle and headknobs of this elegant firelizard, entwined about prominent eyeridges and sweeping all silk and sisal down the grand lengths of his broad and ponderous form. Lighter klah-brown erodes the sharp edges of his powerful neckridges before dissolving into the brooding layers of umber sweeping his belly and forelegs. His smooth, suave hide speckles to copper across the rounded curves of his withers, as if momentarily blessed by the sun. Wingsails - wide and high - are cloaked in a marbling of black, gray, and fawn, to create a secretive cove of shadows and covert camouflage.

Blue Ehren
This firelizard's hide has been brushed and swirled in all manner of watercolor and oilpaint blues. Swirls of cerulean blend with the faintest hints of seafoam and the darkest shades of henna over a muted canvas. Inky blue graces his silky neckridges like the finest silk. His face is the faintest shade of pastelle porcelin, tinted with mournful watercolors. His wings reflect the light, mirrors of midnight and sapphire mix with bottle glass in nameless but brilliant masterpiece. Yet the beauty fades to inky blackness over his back, his haunches, his tail, the emptiness of a story book left unfinished by its writer.

Green Rain
A dull marble-green veils the windswept viridian that coats her soft hide, storm clouds settling to texture large wingsails where they can look down upon the world bringing what it so desperately needs: Rain. Light cyan slivers speckle the hide from Drizzle's thin muzzle to her spaded tailtip. The droplets run down headknobs and neckridges alike until it finally reaches the bright green that's splashed all over her belly, the spring green hue reaching forever upwards.


Lady of Fire Green Tejath
Blockier than normal, this jade green dragon still retains a powerful presence despite her caricatured appearance. Her muzzle is slightly elongated with a short low-slung jaw line squaring off her snout. Sweeping back along the ridge of her muzzle two small furrows lead up to a pair of deep-set eyes, evening off as they reach squat headknobs. Her body is squat and solid, the hide pitted like an old statue, uneven patches of malachite giving her an almost cracked appearance across well muscled legs. Her belly is a paler jade, the same colour echoed in her translucent sails, encrusted with a thin line of dirt that will never wash off.

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