Quick Facts
Rank Apprentice
Specialty Needlework/Design
Mentor Senior Journeyman Riese
Posting Weaverhall


Lean and lanky, this teenager is fairly pale, with the barest tan on skin that is largely free of blemishes, save those oft-angsted over ones which accompany adolescence and soon pass; a very faint smattering of freckles is also visible, spread across the bridge of his nose. Brown hair, in a light enough shade to nearly be blond, is left to hang just above narrow shoulders, with too-long bangs that often obscure his face. His features are fine-boned and fairly average, softened by wide eyes which are a cloudy grey, set below thin brows and hidden often by stray locks of hair. Though fairly athletic in build, his limbs still bear the awkwardness of youth. The boy's hands are oddly delicate, with long, slender fingers.

The teen's attire is of good quality and appears fairly new, the clothing perhaps showing some of his skill in his craft. He wears a shirt of pale blue-grey, which has opalescent, likely seashell buttons partway down the front, with a collar that bears a deeper blue embroidery in an intricate, semi-spiral pattern that is continued around the elbows of the long, loose sleeves, with buttons at the wrists to keep them from getting in the way. Slits in the sleeves reveal panels of color sewn beneath, again in the same deeper shade of blue. Darker grey pants hug his waist, the fabric sturdy, with matching embroidery down the outside of each leg and at the hems. He wears a black leather belt and boots, the footwear laced up with blue cord to match the embroidery of the rest of his outfit. On his shoulder it the knot of an apprentice weaver.


Anaky hasn't had much happen to him that is terribly exciting, though doubtless the everyday trials and tribulations of being a teenager seem of the utmost importance to the boy. He's the son of a greenrider in Telgar, the product of a flight, whose father was a visiting rider from another weyr. Anaky spent his childhood doing the usual mischievous things, giving the nannies the run-around and occasionally getting away with such behavior. He outgrew the mischief, at least, and it wasn't long before the lad was sent to a craft, in order to be useful and to find his way in the world - or something along those lines. Having always been artistic, but with no real aptitude for music, he went to Weaverhall. The craft seemed to suit him, and he was soon apprenticed, finding himself far from home and quite unused to the life of a crafter, but determined to try nonetheless.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Vicky mother Telgar Weyr greenrider Grinith
- father ? rider ?
Bevicka half-sister Fort Weyr weyrfolk -
V'ken half-brother Fort Weyr rider ?
B'ky half-brother Ierne Weyrhold bluerider Avideth


Needlework/Design, some garment modelling.




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Green Zeal

Brown Cheer

Blue Grump

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