Kagora, Apprentice Master


Kagora's tall and slender. Her hair is long, silky, faded black with silver glints when she's in the sun. Her bearing is graceful, her rich blue eyes sharp, her movements confident. Kagora's silky black hair is wrapped in a pale lavender scarf to keep it back from getting in the way.

Kagora is wearing a day work dress, a simple cotton garment has been batiked in black lunar and fleur de lis designs. Crescent moons and stars have been dyed into bands of darker color. Over the dress is a second piece, that appears to almost be a scarf. It is actually the second piece of the bodice, draping soft fringes and gentle material across the shoulders and arms of the garment. An elaborate shawl covers the shoulders, deep rich purple with black designs over the back, detailing a coiled black dragon chasing its tail. The dragon has a lilly blossom in its coils and a crescent moon turned upside down over his back.


Information about Kagora:
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Big and brown, the hatchling appears and seems quite as solid as a rock. Pickiness is obvious by the way the hatchling holds his head high, tilted ever so slightly when it casts it's judgement. He's a deep brown color, hues of chocolate brown and murkiness drift through in gentle swirls along his body. His figure is cut firm, neat, and crisp. His angeled head appears as almost a triangle and his eyes cut into perfect circles. Despite his large and angel-like shape he is agile, his build making it easy for him to dart about here and there.
Shepard is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Shepard is 4 Turns, 2 months, and 13 days old and is 55 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 88 cm.

Plump and round is the little green. She has almost rosy tints behind her green, making her seem almost blushing. Her wings are quite large for her small body in which she uses to hide her form now and then. Her round body makes it hard for her to flit and flutter about. Round head with beady, small eyes she has a keen watching eye, always mindful of anyone who may take her food.
McKay is banded in the colors of her owner's home.
McKay is 4 Turns, 2 months, and 13 days old and is 45 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 73 cm.

While overall she's a little on the pale side for a green, and a little small, she is in the peak of health and as agile as any green can be. This green is all about grace and movement, quiet pride and lots of action. Pale jades and spring greens cover her from the tip of her long, pointed, muzzle to the tip of her equally as long tail, the two hues broken up by the equally as diluted or faded hues of other greenish tints. Covering her narrow shaped head, yellowish green flows over her angular features like a well carved mask, ending just a bit behind her sharply curved head knobs. The same hue spreads out over her chest, angling up to reach her shoulders and sliding down to a stop just above her belly's underside. Darker greens, much like the hues of summer leaves, cascade over her back, wings and most of her tail, reappearing only along the slender, but lithe contours of her limbs. Her talons, ridges and the membrane of her wings carry the darkest of all greens, the hue now set at a dazzling emerald that stands out against the paler hues of her body.
Weir is banded in the colors of her owner's home.
Weir is 3 Turns, 12 months, and 25 days old and is 42 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 68 cm. width="200px"]]||

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