Quick Facts
Rank Journeyman
Specialty Tailoring
Mentor N/A
Posting Ierne WeyrHold


It seems destined that Lisle will remain short having not exceeded 5'2" in height. Her frame might be described as delicate by some, perhaps even frail by others, an inheritance from her mother, though as she has matured she has managed to fill out nicely as a young woman should but not in abundance.

Emerald eyes mark her out amoungst her blue eyed siblings, showing her of a slightly different parentage than the others. Her skin is fair with only a tint of a tan. Her raven hair is generally seen to be worn loose to her waist, though sometimes braided down her back to keep out of her work.

Over her form she wears what at first looks to be a simple forest green dress. A colour that plays up the colour in her eyes, making them almost sparkle. On closer inspection instricate embroideries of vinework are seen around the neckline and hemm of the skirt. Perhaps by her own hand or that of her mother. On her feet are a simple pair of leather ankleboots of green leather. She wears a knot of a Junior Weyrwoman of Ista on her shoulder.


Daughter of Kirstin and a rider, a product if a brief rebound affair. She is the youngest daughter of Kirstin and has two older brothers, twins Kristhalis and Tanthalis, and an elder sister, Lyn. She carries the same fair skin and dark hair of her mother and brothers, but one would struggle to find a marking of similarity between her and her older blond haired sister. She has born at Weaver craft hall when her mother was a resident there recovering from the break up with her weyrmate and father of her siblings, but they moved to Ista Weyr when she around four turns old. She had been more content to fall in the footsteps of her mother and has taken up sewing as a skill and had joined the weavercraft at twelve turns.

Not long after she was chosen to stand for a clutch at Igen and much to her mother's disdain she did accept. She did not impress this time but made a few good despite her terrible shyness friends amoung that group, Neraud and B'ryn chief amoung them. It was during this time The Plague occured and in it her brother Tanthalis was taken from her and her mother nearly so. Instead of returning to the weavercraft hall she returned back to Ista to look after her mother as she recovered. Not long after she was again asked to stand for a clutch at Ista and she accepted. At least here she could be close to her mother and the weyr she called her home.

On the sands this shy girl did impress a rather not shy at all gold dragon much to shock of many. After an uncomfortable weyrlinghood she finally graduated to become a Junior Weyrwoman under Saelis. Her first flight was won by S'vitaur from Fort and this flight resulted in the birth of her first child, Alixaunder. During this pregnancy she met and became Weyrmated to the bluerider A'drais. During this time Saelis did leave the weyr passing on her knot to a rather stunned Lisle. The next flight was won by S'va confirming him as Weyrleader of Ista Weyr. During this time she fell pregnant with her second child Liva. A birthing that nearly ended her life and one where the healers warned her off falling pregnant again. Not long after this her mother died of a heart attack, the healers say caused from a weakened heart from the plague

For a few turns she did follow her advice as A'rtomus replaced S'va as Weyrleader. Then her desire to give her own Weyrmate A'drais a child to him she fell pregnant again. A difficult pregnancy and in the end she birthed another baby girl, Analis. Again Lisle nearly died and it took some time for her to recover and get back to duties. Another turn another Weyrleader, this time W'yn. It was not long after that Lisle would get the worse blow of her life after the deaths of her brother and mother, her Weyrmate killed by a disgruntled cotholder at a harper meeting. This shattered the still young Weyrwoman. She threw her knot on the ground in the infirmary after her mate's death and took her children and flew down south for a few months. Upon her return she looked a shadow of herself but content to throw herself into Weyrlife again.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Kirstin Mother Deceased Headwoman PC-deceased
D'vry Father Unknown Unknown Unknown
A'drais Weyrmate Deceased Harper/Rider PC-deceased
Lyn Sister Dolphincraft/Xanadu Jman Dolphineer/S&R Rider PC
Laera Niece-Lyn Xanadu Rider PC
Larisa Niece-Lyn Dolphincraft/Xanadu Craft and Weyrbrat NPC
Kristhalis Brother Healercraft MasterHealer PC
Tanthalis Brother Minecrafter Journeyman Deceased
Lythanam Nephew-Kris's son Healercraft HallBrat NPC
Alixander Son Ista Weyr WeyrBrat PC
Liva Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat PC
Analis Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC






A rich chestnut brown, this lank-limbed and angular little beast would have a sheerly attractive, glowing-autumn coloration were it not for the ripplings of darker hue that trace his limbs and body in a subtle mottling, segmentation that enhances his faceted eyes and turns the glass-thin sails of his wings to bubbled panes. His movements are darting, his attentiveness unnervingly still, with a predator tendancy to move in a dart, freeze, dart again. His tail curls in an arch to match his movements, often swept up over his back, twitching in time with the clicking of his claws. Yet for all that he has a cold ferocity about him, his energy is abundant and his alertness bespeaks a sharp and potentially loyal intelligence.
Mauro is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Mauro is 14 Turns, 12 months, and 16 days old and is 51 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 81 cm.

A living collage of leaves that has passed its prime lives and breathes. Shades from dark green through bland brown make their way to a deep amber upon all the shapes. There are only two similarities between the multiple patterns shapes and sizes: all house a pool of spring green and copper within their core and pure gold trims their edges. His great wings form a striking contrast. Void of any marks, they are twin sheets of pure sienna.
Donato is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Donato is 14 Turns, 4 months, and 13 days old and is 53 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 85 cm.

Thin and lanky would be a fine way to describe this brown firelizard, his structure finely muscled with a reserve of hidden strength. Defiance and proudness can be defined by his posture, a well defined chest puffed out. This smaller brown is not one shade, or one hue, but instead is a mottled work of a burnt reddish-brown, the tan of wherhide, the deep shade of klah, and more unnamed colors, all of which have swirled, splattered, spotted and spackled the thin framed firelizard over a base of a wood hue. His wingsails - like the rest of him - appear to be a little long, and a little thinner than they should rightfully be, though his ability should never be underestimated.
Sereno is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Sereno is 9 Turns, 7 months, and 4 days old and is 51 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 81 cm.


Let Me Tell You A Story Gold Umniyath
In flickering candle light, honey tones wash the pale hide of this golden dragon. The light caresses a path from nose back, accentuating the angular planes of her head. From her narrowed muzzle, it illuminates back along the sharp points of ridges on her lithe neck. Dusky gold shadows her shoulders, collecting on the silken hide there and deepening as it trails back until it finally showcases an antique shade along her narrow haunches. Flecks of deeper color seem to dapple her back, shading even her ridges as they slide down along her tail. Faint speckles adorn her tailspade, a repeat of the dapples on her body. Her wings are lavish in gilt adornment. They seem woven of delicate gold thread with sturdier wire gilded wingspars to support the lacy transparent membrane of her wingsails, all chased in geometric patterns. Tarnished gold are her talons, umber against the dappled gold hide on her feet and legs and so dark against her paler coloring.

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