A rather plump woman, short and round. She stands at 5'2", firm and proud. It shows upon her aging face though she appears young and healthy. She's fit, other than her weight. She is strong and it shows, she's no woman to be messed with by appearance. Dressed to kill and looks that may murder when she'd cross, the woman has burning brown eyes and jet black hair that is cropped to her strict tastes. Though, past those flames is a kind woman. Her round and rosy cheeks appear cheerful and her lips are a rosy red.


Born of a bronzerider and a goldrider through a flight, Naliah was not the pride and joy of the woman. She was taken care of until her mother could not stand the little "brat". Naliah was taken to a nanny, only returning to her mother at night. The woman cared for her little, treated her more like a friend than her child. That treatment of her continued until she was the ripe age of 12 Turns and inserted herself into work around the Weyr and moved from her mother's. She instantly threw herself into work to do hard to make her mother look somewhat decent and keep herself from getting into trouble. Naliah worked as a general cleaner until she moved into the kitchen to help with the cooks, obsessing over the making of the food. It wasn't long before she found the Weavercraft and a wonderful teacher whom she grew to love more than her own mother, she even took her as a mother in her head. That day forth, she continued to work with the Weaver craft and she was determined to make her teacher proud.

Within her third Turn of working in the craft, she was shocked to be chosen by a dragon to be searched. It was only natural with her parents both being dragonriders. Naliah's mother took it upon herself to strut about how her daughter would become the next goldrider, despite her appearance. Naliah was plump, compared to her mother. Bigger boned and just /bigger/, she didn't fit into her mother's thoughts of "perfection". Despite all that, her mother continued to strut that her daughter would impress. The day came and the girl hid behind the other candidates, and to her relief she was passed by every dragon that came by. Her mother's disappointment was great and she hurried back into her studies, not willing to be attacked by her mother's harsh words again. Her teacher's welcoming lessons and arms once again brought her comfort.

Naliah reached her Journeyman's knot at the age of twenty Turns, spending her time now teaching her own class. She taught many apprentices and one of her students she had came to love. An older man who was quite slow in his training. The two eventually came to be together once he earned his Journeyman knot, they were mated and had one daughter together when Naliah reached the age of twenty two Turns. Two Turns later, they had a son. With complications to her son's birth, she was no longer able to have children. With the current two children that they had, they were happy and continued their life.

Naliah worked again, buried in her lessons and teaching. She was determined to become a Master. Her teacher had passed away and, determined to make her proud again, even in death she attempted to reach the next level. Her time came at the age of thirty-four Turns when she came to complete her Journeyman lessons and took on her Master's knot of the Weaver craft. Now, she lives at the Weaver hall with her family of four, teaching those who wish to learn the skills needed of a weaver.


Name Relation Position
UnNamed Mate Weaver Journeyman
Onasara Daughter (-22) Weaver
UnNamed Son (-24) Undetermined






Bronze Kalman
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