Quick Facts
Rank Apprentice
Specialty Fibers/Weaving
Mentor Mentor
Posting Weaver CraftHall


Ellipse eyes, chocolate brown at their center, run straight across their top, but begin with a slight waving along the bottom lines as they regard the universe. Their view comes from just under average height, and an oval face, placed over an average body. Pale complexion of creamy un-blemished skin first meets with the onlook of another’s gaze, full lips bursting clear in a crescendo of color, and slim nose providing a linking feature to dark eyes. Falling straight about her face, hair then tumbles into soft, subtle curls, eventually ending over her shoulders. The sort of brown that catches shining highlights of cinnamon and mahogany from any source of light, the silky mass is enough to catch the attention of many.

A thin white sweater of a complicated knit falls past her waist. The single toggle button which holds the top few inches together is carved wood in the shape of a small leaf, the only decoration but for the pattern of the knit itself. Below, black pants of soft fabric cling to her legs, while slip-ons of a similarly dark hue hold her feet.


While Naliah was the product of passion, a disappointment of a daughter born out of a gold flight, her daughter’s beginnings were somewhat different. Onasara was the product of love between Weaver Journeywoman Naliah and a journeyman of the craft. And so Ona, unlike her own mother, spent much of her early life under her mother’s constant supervision.

The girl was joined two turns later by a brother and that was that. One happy, boringly normal, family living within the halls of the Weaver Craft. Of course growing up in the crafthall Onasara was sure to be presented with more than her fair share of opportunities to learn the trade. By the time she was five she’d already been presented with her own spindle. By eight she knew more about the types of materials available than some apprentices and by eleven her needlework was nearly as good as well.

Despite all this, the girl had little interested in joining the ranks when she came of age. After all, why should she take any interest in the thing that both her mother and her father made their living at? Perhaps it was the pressure from her father, perhaps the not so subtle hints from her mother… But when the time came that Ona was of the age for apprenticeship, in spite of previous persistence that it simply was not the thing for her, she did take up the knot of a weaver apprentice much to her parent’s delight.

A number of turns have passed since that day. Lessons, craft duties, commissions, all have had their place. Her mother walked the tables from Journeywoman to Master and Onasara was there to see it as an apprentice of fifteen. And while the first few turns of her apprenticeship were rocky as far as her relationship with her parents when, since then things have worked themselves out and Ona awaits her chance to walk from Apprentice to Journeywoman.


Name Relation Position
Naliah Mother Weaver CraftMaster
UnNamed Father Weaver Journeyman
UnNamed Brother Undetermined




None as of yet.

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