Long black-brown hair is straight as a rod to just past the shoulder-blades, giving a dark accent to her bright brown gold eyes. The rest of her is feminine yet nothing spectacular. The normal oval face, a small nose and ears with small ruby earrings in the lobes, the slender body with average bust and hips, everything that defines the look of a female. Her rounded figure shows little in the way of muscular strength though does show that she is not thin, the mark of being well-fed over the turns.
A simple blue sisal shirt, with a touch of extra padding on the shoulders, buttons at the wrists and buttons down the front. It is tucked into a pair of darker blue linen pants that are buttoned up and held up with a simple belt. A pair of normal wherhide walking shoes adorns her small feet and are tightened with laces. Her hair is pulled back of her eyes in a runnertail with a simple leather band tied in a bow.
A twisted set of lavendar and white cords runs one loop around her right shoulder where it is pinned at the top, the ends falling down behind her back and tied at the end in a simple tie.


Serina was born to a large family in the minor hold, Plateau Hold. In the middle of seven kids, four sisters and two brothers, she was expected to help raise her younger siblings as well as work in the fields. At the age of nine, her mother gave up trying to teach her sewing after hundreds of times having to take over any of the mending herself. Despite this, she showed an amptitude towards spinning and knitting. Her ability improved under the simple teachings of her mother and two older sisters. So at the age of 15, she was given enough provisions as could be spared and told to go the main weaverhall in Southern Boll. Now that she has arrived, she is eager to find out if she is acceptable as an apprentice, despite the rumors heard en route about the state of the craft.
The crafthall has gotten better over the turns, after being cleaned out and repaired. In the meantime, Seri attended lessons and helped with creating commissions from the hall. She has taken commissions herself, usually for knitting projects. Despite the fact that she has gotten a lot better at sewing, it still isn't all that great. Where she has shown aptitude though is at spinning and knitting. So that is what she has been spending a lot of her time doing, including taking more classes in dyeing and basic weaving.


Serina is working towards a specialty in spinning thread as well as in knitting different patterns.


A green blanket ordered by A'mon
Lace knitted to resemble cresting waves at sea flows over this blanket in a mixture of lime, emerald, and jade. Lime gradually darkens to jade, then lightens again to emerald and finally back to lime again. Where the waves crest in the knit, small pieces of white-green yarn are threaded into the blanket, matching the bits of yarn tied to the ends for accent. This warm but airy blanket is perfect for those in the warmer climates, being just big enough to wrap around the shoulders and provide what warmth may be needed against breezes and water spray.

Working outfit and scarf for Josilyn
Working Outfit:
A simple blouse falls gently over the shoulders of this young woman, the color of the clouds with ivory touched on the edges with just the slightest hint of silver, as if brushed on by expert hands. Around the rounded neckline is a small bit of crimson lace diamonds sewn delicately on to the fabric. The sleeves are loose for ease of movement, being hemmed neatly at the wrists where a bit more of the crimson lace has been sewn on to accent any motion of the hands. It falls as delicate as cloud would across the bust and down to between the waist and hips, ending in a swirling pattern of crimson lace on the hem. The skirt itself held fast around the waist with a simple white button. Mahogany swirled with ruby falls down in soft waves, ending in pearl lace that looks similar to waves cresting on the shore around the ankles. Tied with a bow around the woman's neck is a set of crimson laces, which blend into the large mahogany apron pulled snug over the chest and hips. It is tied with a bow around the back of waist, where it then flows down the front of the woman's figure to the ankles where it is loose to allow for freedom of leg movement.
Pink Scarf:
Shades of salmon, rose, and coral blend together in this loose knit, moving from one shade into another as easily as a wave moving over the surface of water, and giving a wavy appearance as it is wrapped twice around the young woman's neck. The colors weave across the hand span of width and then slowly alternate back and forth down the entire length of the scarf, a good half a man's height. Glittering from random spots across the entire spectrum are thin pieces of cream sisal, making the natural sheen of the wool even more spectacular. On each of the ends are tied pieces of yarn, sometimes starting at salmon and lightening to rose or starting with rose and darkening to coral. The ends of these strands have a waxy coating on them, to keep them from unraveling. Though it is well knitted, every other line of stitches seems to be a little looser, as if the weaver purposely designed air ventilation into the piece.


Ierne Weyrhold Bookstore Opening
Dyeing Lesson
Firelizard Hatching and Commission Request
Ornaments Lesson
Selling Josilyn's Commission
Gather of Weavers


Bright green, pretty, exotic. The colors of green is dominant of this firelizard, a lime green. A lime green followed by a spear mint color, bubbling, mixing and concocting together. This seems to be a bright mess of color along the hide of the firelizard. And, it only seems to flaunt this odd color of it. Oddly colored and petite, it is a tiny green with a slightly plump shape, bubbly and happy appearing. The roundness of the belly ever evident, depsite being full grown or even a hatchling. The wings, almost seem perfect though, but woe, they are only different by the darker shade of green that seems to infect them and making them different from the oddly spotty green color she has.

This brown firelizard is pale in color, sunswept sand and tan suade cover his bright vellum form. The sails of his wings are long and narrow, the color of canvas glittering in the sun. Silver flecks along desert colored flanks, glittering diamonds and silica on his hide. Across his back, his neck, his wings, this little brown seems to have some sort of runes or writing on them. Oaken hues underlie his narrow, reedy chest, the shelves of a long abandoned museum. His face has a youthful look to it, formed from terracotta clay, bits of pottery glued together to uncover a long lost puzzle. His eyes are very round and owlish, with silver hints underlying eyeridges that bear a striking resemblance to glasses. width="200px"]]||

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