Quick Facts
Rank Rank - Apprentice
Specialty Specialty - Dyes
Mentor Mentor - Master Gramiard (NPC)
Posting Posting - Eastern Weyr


Short copper curls stick out in many directions, creating a halo of unruly masses around an angular face complete with angular nose. Her eyes are a murky green and flecked with bits of brown and gold while her pale lips are thin at best. Her skin is in a variety of stages ranging from pale and covered in freckles to sunburned and covered in freckles. She's in a gangly stage for all her short height. Skinny and bony, all knees and elbows as they would say and nothing in the way of curves.


Tequoia was born at Monaco Bay Hold, the daughter of fisherman and seamstress. From an early age she learned no only how to mend clothing, but nets as well, becoming quite adept at the skill much like anyone who practices for lengthy amounts of time. She also became fairly skilled with the little skiffs most of the kids had access too and could bring in her own share of fish at times.

Like any child she had her dreams, ones that changed almost daily. From being a great cook (despite her inebtness in the kitchens), a brillant seamstress making the best gather clothes. A Master Seaman sailing the seas and just about anything and everything else. She dreamed large and sometimes those dreams led to mishaps, but as always she bounced back.

However, sometimes those mishaps don't always go so well for other people involved, and spectacular failed attempt that left the kitchens a mess and several pots made unusable for a time left her poor mother in a dither on what to do. And so stepped in family, Tequoia's oldest brother Simion who was a Journeyman Techcrafter posted at Eastern. He offered to take her in for a time. And so, delighted and dismayed at the same time, Tequoia found herself staying in her brothers hut at Eastern where many new adventures waited for her.


Name Relation Position
Shindera Mother Seamstress
Taconal Father Fisherman
Simion Brother Jman Techcrafter






Brown Mudslide

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