Quick Facts
Rank Apprentice
Specialty Production
Mentor Mentor
Posting Xanadu Weyr


Slim and graceful, Thea appears taller than she really is, or would like to be. Perhaps it's her straight-backed posture which creates this illusion, though she is of average height. Alas, where other girls have curls and flame-red locks, Thea's is a straight, plain dark-brown. As if to placate its wearer, her hair, which has enough sheen to make a queen dragon jealous, sweeps in a lustrous sable cape to her mid-back. Her facial features are fine-boned, with dark, finely-shaped brows that arch over thick-lashed eyes of icy green. Her lower lip curves in a bit of fullness that hints at a smile and helps dispel any aloof appearance. Thea is 18 Turns, 0 months, and 26 days old.

Today she is wearing a calf-length skirt made of a soft, moss-green material and a sleeveless shirt of the same hue, decorated with intricate embroidered beadwork across the front. She's wearing plain hide sandals on her feet.


Thea was born and raised in Coldstone Hold, a small cot in the mountainous region of the High Reaches. Under the authority High Reaches Hold, Coldstone enjoyed some prosperity due to its production and export of fine, soft wool and richly-woven fabrics. Thea's parents, Holder Thadan and Lady Rensea required that all of their offspring attend Craft training in some field. At the age of thirteen turns, Thea was entered at Weaver Hall. She did well enough, but lacked the interest to excel to the point where she would obtain Journeyman Rank, so at the age of seventeen turns, her father recalled her. Once home, Thea found herself taking an interest in grading wool fibers and Thadan found he could use this to his advantage. At first Thea accompanied his wool exporters and traders to Gathers. Now she takes finest of fibers, weaves and textiles directly to Holds and Weyrs to advertise their benefit and procure trade contracts. Presently, Thea is in the South, where they have limited contacts for trade.

What You Should Know About Thea

Thea is an accomplished buiseness woman with a strong work ethic and has learned independence in her travels representing Coldstone Hold's wool trade and while working at Xanadu Weyr's Assistant to the Headwoman. She's self-confident in areas where she has experience and not easily intimidated. Her experience as a Candidate has thrust her into uneven footing, however and some things have left her baffled. She has strong ideas of what is honorable and honest, which sometimes appear to clash with what is expected of her as a Candidate.


Name Relation Age Location Position
Thadan Father +35T Coldstone Hold Holder
Rensea Mother +23T Coldstone Hold Holder's Lady
Tharen Pest- er, Brother -2T Xanadu Weyr Sr. Apprentice - Beastcraft
D'had Weyrmate +15T Xanadu Weyr Weyrsecond
Marella Daughter -22T Xanadu Weyr Child
Muireadhach Son -22T Xanadu Weyr Child
N'shen Stepson -9T Xanadu Weyr Rider





Bronze Ruin
Brown Shep


Dawn Before the Storm Gold Seryth
Morning's mist settles, an ethereal cloak upon this slender gold's shoulders, the first pale rays of Rukbat casting their golden shimmer over her form. Sunspots dance upon her delicate muzzle, spots of richer metallic gold speckling the hide between faceted eyes, fading out over each gently rounded headknob. Ridges remain in shadow, each gently rounded shape like a distant hill on the horizon, hints of lilac darkening the curves of the creamy-golden line upon her back, following the curve of her lean tail to the very tip, a tip dipped in dull amber. The same dull amber speckles her dainty paws, stretching upwards to twine like armlets around each limb, spreading outwards across her smooth stomach. Silver and gold vapors settle upon the pale membranes of her wings, spread between the shadowy spars that arch outwards - untouched by the morning's pale light. As if a gentle rain has fallen upon her back, cream flows into gold flows into silver, colors mingling effortlessly as if a celestial watcher has touched her very being.

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