Quick Facts
Rank Journeyman
Specialty Tailoring
Posting Xanadu Weyr


Dark, almost black hair has been sun-streaked to a almost-playful look of blonde streaks across the shortly-cropped hair. A determined, serious face is offset by a petite, out-of-place button nose. Sparkling hazel eyes are teasing, while slim fingers mark an apparent grace.

Zera is decked out in sunny-weather type clothing, short pants and a fisherman type shirt. She's wearing calf high boots and the knots of a brownriding wingrider.


Zera was born many many turns ago, in a Pern much different from this one… not really, not at all. Zera is the daughter of Healer Markell and Healer Zernia, oldest daughter, and caretaker of her multiple siblings… at least, the other two siblings that she has. Zera was never much interested in Healing as things go, even at a young age; however, the fabric and the thump-thump-thumping of looms have always distracted her from her chores. Needless to say, Zera was delighted with the Weavercraft, and at eight, when she was asked, she choose them, much to her family's disappointment. She was happily placed into the WeaverCraft, then, and became an apprentice.

At the age of thirteen, she was advanced to senior apprentice underneath her Master, and continued doing the craft as she was wont to do. At the age of nineteen, with promotion credits and a small project behind her, she was advanced to be a Journeywoman, and then, was assigned to Telgar Weyr. At Telgar Weyr, life was normal for about a year or so, until she was approached and asked to stand for Daeslynth's clutch. With the crafts' permission, Zera stood… and a month or so later, she found herself approached by the Warrior of the Night brown Najath… and her life would almost never be the same again. After weyrlinghood, Zera continued to stay at Telgar Weyr for another few turns, then was reassigned to Xanadu Weyr, where she's been there ever since… causing havoc, and being a very, very good Weaver Craft-Rider.


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Warrior of the Night Brown Najath
The dark, rich finish of polished cherry wood gleams with reddish hues as it colors the finely carved body of this large brown. Intricate detail is chiseled into his thick, stocky legs, present all the way to the beginnings of ebony talons, while dark mahogany has been inlaid along the bottom of his stomach, from beneath triangular head to the tip of his tree-trunk-like tail. Wings are great bringers of shadows, long and full as they extend from either side of darkly-tinted ridges. Lighter oak dapples his broad muzzle, like small stars in the night sky, fading into oblivion over the crest of his headknobs.

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