Colors List
Whites alabaster, cream, ivory, pearl, seashell, snow
Reds alizarin, amaranth, burgundy, cardinal, carmine, carnelian, cerise, cherry, claret, coral, cranberry, crimson, damask, fuchsia, garnet, magenta, maroon, pink, rose, ruby, salmon, scarlet, titian, tomato, vermillion, wine
Oranges apricot, carrot, copper, gamboge, ginger, peach, persimmon, pumpkin, rust, tangerine, terra cotta
Greens army, asparagus, avocado, bottle, chartreuse, emerald, fern, forest, harlequin, jade, jungle, kelly, lime, mint, olive, pea, pear, pine, reseda, shamrock, sea, spring, teal, veridian
Browns auburn, almond, beige, bronze, camel, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, ecru, fawn, hazel, henna, khaki, mahogany, mushroom, russet, sand, sepia, sienna, tan, taupe, umber, wheat
Blues aqua, aquamarine, azure, bice, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, cyan, denim, indigo, midnight, navy, periwinkle, robin egg, sapphire, sky, turquoise
Yellows amber, buff, buttercup, canary, champagne, eggshell, flax, gold, goldenrod, lemon, maize, manila, mustard, ocher, off-white, saffron, straw, tawny, xanthic
Purples amethyst, eggplant, fuchsia, heliotrope, lavender, lilac, magenta, maroon, mauve, orchid, plum, thistle, violet, wine, wisteria
Black charcoal, ebony, grey, hoary, raven, sable, silver, slate
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