Price Guide

Minimum Selling Cost

Item Starting Price
Wash Cloths/Oil Rags 1/8th Mark
Socks 1/2 Marks
Small Spool of Thread 1 Mark
Hold/Weyr/Craft Rank Knots 1-2 Marks
Small Bottle of Dye 2 Marks
Towels 2 Marks
Undergarments 2-3 Marks
Large Spool of Thread 3 Marks
Bolt of Cloth (Depends on Size/Length/Pattern) 3 Marks
Non-descript Shirts (i.e., mass produced with style/colour/size variations) 3-4 Marks
Skirts 4 Marks
Bathing Suits 4 Marks
Gloves/Scarves 4 Marks
Hats 5 Marks
Non-descript Pants 5-6 Marks
Blankets (Adult) 10 Marks
Quilts (Adult) 12 Marks
Vests 12 Marks
Jackets 21 Marks
Gather Gowns 30 Marks
Tapestries (Rare and labour intensive) 75 Marks

Please note that these are just starting prices, you can make the price a lot higher depending on the demand/quality of the item. However we don't encourage lowering them unless you’re willing to face the consequences and run a sub plot with us. At which point, please contact staff.

Also remember that anything commissioned gets twenty percent taken off as a fee/tax to the Hall, so adjust your prices accordingly.

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