Becoming A Paying Student

To become a paying student one must to write to the Craft administration expressing your interest in becoming a student of the Weaver Craft. The following should be included:

  • What do you want to learn while you are at the hall?
    Example: knitting, patchwork, or sewing
  • A brief summary of your character's IC interest in the craft.

OOCly this is an @mail to the current craft staff (a list of current staff is available in ‘+wechelp staff’).

After the letter is received, there will be a short interview to get to know you better.

Students At The Hall

A single school term lasts for six RL weeks, the same as a Weyrling's training at a Weyr. Students are ICly paying the hall by the term to remain there. They should focus, thus, on being as active as possible in the craft.

In order to maximize their time spent at the hall a student would not only attend lessons but complete 'homework' and work on 'projects.' For example they might be asked to sew a pillow in a given amount of time, or a teddy bear or other stuffed toy in a week or two, etc.

Students should remember that unlike apprentices, they can be expelled. Remember the pampered hold girls that Merelan, Robinton's mother, would tutor? In the spirit of ICA=ICC, the hall is able to suspend/expel students. However, an expulsion from IC classes does not automatically equal an OOC expulsion. Ergo just like your candidate pranks at a Weyr, 'troublemaking' should be spoken with the Master/Hall staff ahead of time.

Tuition at the hall is not cheap, but it is affordable. Student classes are for people who need to learn how to sew (for example from a backwater hold that can't afford its own posted weaver), or want to learn how to do something like a quick repair of an expensive garment, or maybe just learn how to make a considerate and social gift.

It should be added that you cannot charge for the goods you make while you are at the Hall. All productions made at the Hall and sold while a student of the Craft become profit for the Craft Hall to continue this program. After all, the Hall is not made out of money.

Student classes are lead by Journeyman, and occasionally Masters or Senior Apprentices with the supervision of a Journeyman or Master.

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