Part Five


Kessa had good fortune. Whether it was her positive nature or the many friends who cared for her, she was not in her slump at High Reaches for long. It came after a visit with S'dan. The very man who had his dragon search her a turn or two prior to where she was then. He had clearly expressed his interests to see Kessa on the sands once more; the next time that Eastern had a clutch. In fact, he was waiting with baited breath for the next gold to rise, ensuring Kessa that she had a place there if she wanted it. No doubt, the young woman couldn't resist such an offer, having to go visit Eastern with him just to hold the place she lived and loved in her mind again. Yet, there was something else behind his abrupt visit - as he was meaning to catch her interest in another way. Unexpectedly, she did not let the man down, returning his feelings quite boldly to the Eastern brown rider.

Shortly after she spent a wonderful day with S'dan, in which they forged a blooming romance, she had found herself in Fort, looking for Bellanne who she thought might have some ideas how to handle her two journeymen at High Reaches. Now, this is where one of the dragons might have caught wind of the girls potential - Fort did have eggs sitting on the sands just then, after all.

A day later, when she was rushing across High Reaches bowl with her arms laden with material and boxes, a dragon rider from Fort crossed her path. Offering assistance and even holding something for Kessa, the rider waited patiently for the young woman to return for the items being held. Their conversation eventually slid into the question of standing at Fort, for Gold Seviadith and bronze Shidenisseth's clutch. Not so soon after being chided by one of her fellow journeymen, she was eager to take a break from weaving, nevertheless excited about the opportunity.

Candidacy was short lived. There was much to do but little time to achieve it in. She did manage to create a quilt that represented the many faces of that candidate class - even if it was slightly unfinished by the time that the eggs decided to crack.

When they did crack, she was once again caught up in the thrill of standing before the charging hungry dragonets. One after another, the eggs hatched. Blues, greens, browns, and a bronze hatched. Several people she had come to know had impressed before her very eyes. Eberkwan, had impressed a bronze dragon named Tchuunziketeth, Jedrek impressed a brown named Misoganth, Calandria found blue Celephath, Rhaline found his match with green Niarleth, and Bellanne, her fellow crafts woman found green Nyiseeth.

With one egg left, she was beginning to plot how she would deal with those two troublesome men back at High Reaches or if she should request a posting to Eastern. It took everyone by surprise though, when a gold cracked free of her shell, leaving the handful of girls remaining to clump together so the young queen could choose. Kessa had lost all thought to anything pertaining to the weaver craft when she stared down the young gold dragonet. Her heart had thumped loudly in her chest and her breaths were coming quicker in her throat, her eyes were glued to the young dragon along with the other potential girls… yet, the gold was nearing her specifically…

Onwards with Part-Six

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