Part Four of Kessa's Story


Everything started to change abruptly when the Hall couldn't afford to hire other crafts to fix the roadway and update some of the older working models of machines. Repair men had come less and less to the Hall. Some cooks left, other trades were starting to squabble about delayed orders, mismanaged wealth, and broken trade agreements. There had been fewer and fewer apprentices coming to the trade - Kessa was only one of six that Turn who had come to the Hall.

The worst of it came in a whirlwind - only a few days behind what was the most expensive Gather the Weaver Hall had ever hosted. The plumbing pipes at the Hall had burst. Sewage and water flooded a section of the Hall. It was a panic. Much was lost and destroyed. The section of the building had to be completely redone - but the problem was the Hall had no where to turn. Not soon after Ista had an outbreak of rash, causing them to burn all clothing and blankets where the infected persons had been.

There weren't enough journeymen and women to coordinate efforts. Masters were retiring and some even quit after the incident of the plumbing at the Hall. In all the chaos, Kessa was thrown a journeywoman knot at sixteen and told to oversee the contract with High Reaches Weyr, ensuring that they wouldn't lose it despite the Hall being several months behind in orders - on top of everything else that had just happened.

Kessa didn't even have time to think. She took her role seriously and did the best she could with what she had. It was pretty hectic for a girl her age to be taking on so much responsibility while others were trying to deal with the consequences caused by the Hall's obvious debt. And while many were striving to rectify the situation by increasing the selling price on all items coming from the Hall, Kessa was starting to learn about High Reaches, working with two other journeymen to preserve the relationship.

Eventually, when the calamity halted and the Hall was climbing out of it's huge rut, Kessa was given her first posting as a Journeywoman. She was sent to High Reaches and treated like an apprentice by the other two journeymen she went with. Her idea of striking off on her own was far far from her mind as she dealt with mockery and taunting. No one believed her old enough to be a journeywoman - she even doubted herself at some times. It was an eye opening experience, for she had never really loathed anyone until she went to work with those two older more experienced journeymen.

Onwards with Part-Five

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