Part Six Of Kessa's Story

Her mind was quickly enveloped by a cold breeze, shrouding her thoughts in fog. It was Choth. The young queen hadn't needed to stand around long to come to her decision on which girl was her own. Kessa was suddenly thrust into the life of dragonriders, a life she could now share with Choth, her lifemate. Kessa undoubtedly felt her face getting wet as she greeted Choth, smiling with delight beyond her belief. All her efforts in the past seemed minimal compared to the happiness she felt then as she led Choth off the sands to become the next junior weyrwoman.

Weyrlinghood was grueling however, despite the happiness that came with impressing. The chores seemed harder and as Choth grew, it took her longer to accomplish them. Her responsibilities immediately flourished as she was approached with side classes to learn and study the way to manage a Weyr. Though, once she was finished with weyrlinghood, she was ready to be the weyrwoman that Fort needed - one that would be the offset personality to those already giving duty to Fort.

After everything, S'dan was there. He was the only constant in her ever changing life. He was there with her at Eastern, he visited her when she went to the Weaver Hall and then onto High Reaches, and then he waited for her after she impressed a dragon, keeping his distance so she could bond properly with the young gold. It wasn't hard for her to fall for him. As young as she was, he was the only man to ever treat her as kindly or show her so much compassion. Despite feeling a slight want for another bronze rider, she soon gave that idea up when he made it clear whom he was interested in, so it left her heart wide open for S'dan to embrace. She gave everything to him, soon devoting herself to him and becoming weyrmates with him.

Although he wasn't around as much as she'd like, since he had duties to Eastern, she still could not deny the fact that when she was around him, all the troubles in the world melted away. It was easy enough to see why the young woman therefore ended up becoming pregnant with his child some months after weyrlinghood had ended - and luckily enough, before Choth decided to rise in her first flight. Nervous about what people would think, she kept the pregnancy a secret, though went straight away to S'dan with the news. Shocked but pleased with the outcome, S'dan encouraged her to keep it, endearing her to him all the more.

Not soon after, Choth flew in her maiden flight. S'dan wasn't there. She had never been with another man save for him, and was nervous of the outcome. Choth was even more so, barely managing to blood before she decided to run from the males surrounding her. Inexperienced, the flight was short and sweet, with bronze Aevisaanth catching, producing a clutch of four in the end. This part of dragonriding made Kessa thankful that her lifemate only flew a couple times every Turn, for she didn't particularly like the idea of waking up beside someone that wasn't her weyrmate. Months later, Choth clutched and the eggs hatched, giving Fort two blues, a brown, and a green.

Several months later, Kessa gave birth to a baby boy in which she named Kestilran, proud to have S'dan be there as the father.


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