Part Three of Kessa's Story


It seemed in the months to follow the girl's path would lead her well away from the Weyr. Despite the action packed ride she had with A'ven and his Glyith as they showed off their capabilities with flaming, it just didn't feel right inside. Despite the gifts she received from Baelen and even the trophy she won at Isobel's bake off, Kessa knew her home wasn't at Eastern. The dragon eggs hadn't even hatched yet, but when she was given a firelizard by a journeywoman of the craft (Bella), it compelled her to endear the weavers all the more. So with the weaver craft constantly pestering the girl to up her work load and comission more hats while taking all the lessons she could possibly handle, it was hard to ignore the thought of the Hall and that sense of belonging beating strong in her heart. The deciding factor was the hatching - the eggs cracked and the dragonets did not find a lifemate in Kessa.

Immediately, Kessa was gone. The girl was not about to waste her time, she had a career ahead of her. With her father's support - he came to the hatching - she packed her things from the Weyr. After saying her good bye's, which were most difficult because she had become rather fond of a few (such as A'ven and S'dan), H'ulton, a bluerider she had been rider shadowing for all those weeks, sadly did her bidding and left her at the Weaver Hall door steps.

Now life in the Weaver Hall wasn't a piece of cake either. The youngest or newest students often had to complete other chores around the Hall when their classes were over. It wasn't odd to see an apprentice mopping the floors or watering the flowers (which Kessa always volunteered to do) on a daily basis. The Weaver Hall had been going through some financial crisis and along the way adopted a system of respect - where everyone contributed to the on going success and up keep of the Hall. As such, the apprentices did much of the house keeping.

Kessa toughed it out and usually with a smile on her cheek, hiding the stress lines which were cracking through when it got really hard to carry on. However, Kessa was fond of the classes and the masters teaching them; she took encouragement to remain when her friends from Eastern dropped by to see how she was. There was evidently more to learn than a fifteen turn old could soak in - yet, it never did stop her from being the top of several of her classes. There was fabric shops, sewing for first turn apprentices, designing classes, modelling, and so so so much more.

Kessa didn't realize how much time actually flew by while she worked tirelessly at her craft. She would be a Weaver. She knew where she wanted to go. She had a plan that when the day came for her to become a Journeywoman, she would take up the road and find a central place to market her hats.

Most experienced people, however, can tell you that things don't always go as planned. Such was the case with dear young Kessa…

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