Part Two of Kessa's Story

Her destination in the end was to be Eastern Weyr; her father believing that the open minded and highly spirited people there would bring his daughter back to life. Even though he was a holder and destined to be one until he passed on, he had experienced Weyr life in his day. He knew the best place for her then was a large community where many souls could embrace her.

The man had some sense about him, for not too long after her arrival, she came across many a folk who were willing to accept her, befriend her, and speak to her. In the beginning, she was shy, timid. It took a couple men to catch the young mouse in her tracks during one evening dinner to help her out of the shell which never belonged on her in the first place. S'dan and Jochi were the first of the many friendly people in whom she would meet, calling out to her inner self to be whom she was and not what tragedy made of her.

When a sevenday came and went, she realized she couldn't remain a guest much longer at the Weyr; a person couldn't just lie about and expect to be cared for. She returned to doing the one thing she was passionate for - hat making. Although she couldn't weave the hats on her own yet, she could definitely decorate them. Thus, she managed to get some hats for a couple one sixteenth marks, restoring the quality in them, stretching them to new designs, and eventually decorating them. She earned a halfmark for the pair of them in the end - which caught the eye of a local journeywoman weaver, Sophie (NPC).

As the story goes with those with potential in any one area, the Weavercraft soon caught wind of her skill, and with the insistence of journeywoman Sophie, Kessa was taken in as a junior apprentice until Craft Master Naliah herself could come by to judge the girls assets. She had plenty and was thus given official status as an apprentice.

But wait, that is just one side of her story upon coming to Eastern.


Another part of the story involves a young man by the name of Morrin. Apprentice of the techcraft, their encounter with one another ended up in more than a friendship - but instead a partnership; a business opportunity. The young man had just developed a camera that could take color photographs and Kessa had just started on a commission hat for the Harper Master of Pern. The pair struck it off, Kessa immediately eager to see how they could promote their skills, insisting that Morrin attempt a way to pitch his camera to the world; she even offered herself to become a model to pose for pictures that would promote his idea. Then a creative idea struck the girl. She thought to combine their talents, meshing them together to work in perfect unison, a project that could lead to fame or respect within their crafts.

Then there is yet another part to her story. It involves S'dan, rider to brown Cyrilth. The man was clearly capable of being nice to her, in fact, it was he who commissioned her first hat - the would be gift for Moyrel, harper craft master. Needless to say, they had spent some time together, sharing stories and experiences - becoming fast friends in the whole grand scheme of things. It came to no surprise then, that after the clutch belonging to Pagnisath and Osraebukath were upon the sands, Cyrilth came around to searching Kessa. Needless to say the girl was caught off guard, just having earned her apprentice knot, to be asked so intimately by S'dan if she would stand. The end result was a pair of arms flung around her as she agreed.

With a project underway to hopefully set a 'hat' trend around the world with new apprentice lessons to attend, combined with a candidate knot; it has made for one busy girl, barely catching a moment to mourn for a memory that seems a hundred turns passed. The girl's spirit is alive and well, the want to live bursting in her breast - her father's pride supporting her entirely.

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