Bookstore Opening

Ierne Weyrhold - Book Place(#7619RJ)
The door swings easily on its hinges, at last, and the walls are painted brightly in blue, except for one corner, which is yellow. The floor matches the walls, blue carpet for the majority, but yellow tiling in that one corner. The windows are sparklingly clean, the shutters long since repaired and painted the same this-paint-was-on-special blue as the interior. Glows are scattered throughout the store, seemingly randomly, providing a homey atmosphere, as well as a casual one.
The store counter is by the door, no-one gets in or out without passing it, and it has a good view of the rest of the store. The rest of the front half of the store - front two thirds, actually - is taken up by rows and rows of blue shelving, one half carrying brand spanking new books, and the other carrying the loaner books, very much a 'pre-loved' set. The yellow corner in back has another counter, also yellow, with a cheery klah pitcher, and an assortment of pastries. To get to the counter, one must pass the tables and chairs also scattered in this area, which is clearly delineated and separated from the book section. The opposite back corner is more cosy, sea-green pillows strewn about, and big, soft, comfy chairs, as well as dimmer glows.

The door swings open and a liitle part of the dragonrider who made it happpen wished that there was a little bell or something. Call her a little strange, but that's how it is. M'iken peeks inside and smiles brightly, glad she hasn't missed the party entirely. "Well, isn't this a good gathering you've got going here." She says, same bright smile still in place, taking the whole sight in and likeing what she ses.

Chet nibbles at the meaty center, eyes glancing away as she registers the name Kagora mentions. "She sounds familiar. I'm sure I'd remember if I saw her." She eyes the doorway as M'iken enters, and can't help but grin herself once more. "Yes, I didn't mind the name so much, but it drives me nuts that they never would tell me anything about it. Mashing names comes up with some really pretty names, too, from what I've seen. But it was a mouthful during Weyrlinghood, so I just shortened it. Half a mark? I'll take it, then." She sets the book down and reaches into her pocket, presenting L'ren with the money.

Kai steps in quietly, looking around and smiling. Her lips part in an expression of awe and delight. She almost bumps into someone, not paying attention to where her feet are taking her, but soon she is in among the stacks, looking at all the amazing books.

L'ren shakes his head, "Nah, my parents were never much good at it. My younger brother was /Onamar/, what is that?" He's really liking the 'what is that' line today for some reason. "Borren's a good one though, I think. Bolia, L'ren, Borren." Borren is at this point behind L'ren, mouthing 'No' and shaking his head. Aww, he doesn't like his name? Well, it does have a bit of a 'boring' ring to it. The greenrider shrugs a little, and turns back to take Chet's money. "Ah, thanks, let me just write you out a reciept. You'll need to check it at the counter by the door, we get some rare books in so we're careful on security… Not that I think anyone /would/ steal anything." he shakes his head as he fishes for a pen and paper in his pockets, writing out a hasty note of purchase and handing it to Chet. L'ren is very trusting, however Borren is more concerned. They make a good team, really.

Ysa has yet to actually go and browse the books, now entirely focused on eating all of L'ren's food. She's slowing down, though, thankfully, and offers the arriving M'iken a wave. "I thought my name was too long, as well. Thankfully cut it down easily 'nough, too. But I'd hate to give a kid too long of a name as well, unless it's a really pretty one." So Lyram it is, two short simple syllables. L'ren gets a rather surprised look, though. "That's bad? An' I like the name Borren," she assures the younger version of the greenrider, chuckling a bit at his reaction. "I really hate to think my son will one day say he doesn't like his name. Lyram's not bad, right?" Her green eyes travel to those she recently met before sighing and downing her water.

Kagora nods at Chet, "Ah, well, parents can be eccentric sometimes. My father makes things that explode, so how eccentric is that?" She giggles. Then she spots Kai, a fellow weaver, and tries discretely to catch the apprentice's eye. She turns to say to L'ren. "How much are these apprentice volumes each? I'm going to have to go up to Harpercraft tomorrow to make up the difference." She sighs. "How am I to teach apprentices who don't have any books?" She asks sternly.

Kai turns around and catches Kagora's little motion. She smiles and steps up to the Weaver Master, her hips swaying a bi as she walks. "Hello, Master Kagora!" she greets.

Serina steps into the shop and quietly shuts the door behind her. A glance around the shop makes her smile turn into a grin, and she begins to walk around the few people near the doorway to make her way to the books. Also, she doesn't to seem like she wasn't here the entire time, but darn those necklaces were pretty! Ooo, here is a book on herbs! So carefully it is picked up and flipped through, then put back with some reluctance. "Too bad I don't have any spare marks." She mutters to herself and moves to another shelf, looking at a book on animals.

M'iken waves to M'iken and tries to catch onto the conversation. "You've decided on Lyram as a name? I like it." She assures her friend and gathering up a small plate of food for herself. She catches onto a piece of another conversation about teaching apprentices and just can't help but add. "You could teach them through example. That's what my masters did." She pops a biscut in her mouth and shoots the woman a smile before bowing a head to Ysa slyly before going off to check out the books. There were a couple inparticular she was interested in reading.

The bluerider takes the receipt and tucks it underneath the book's front cover. "Aeskath will be quite pleased with this. In fact, I'd half expect him to ask me to read it aloud to him." She listens intently to the others' family names, a wide, knowing smile on her face. "Sounds like fun! And Borren, it's not so bad! I'm not sure if anyone has ever really liked the name their given. At least at some point." She gives a friendly wave to the newcomers as they enter, also taking the opportunity to take another bite from her pastry.

L'ren's eyes go wide at Kagora, and he steps back warily, as if /she/ might explode. "Er, that's pretty eccentric, yeah…" he notes, quickly excusing himself to go see to the other customers. M'iken gets a wave as he passes her, but he's headed for Serina at the moment. "Hi, may I help you? We also have a lending section." he points out cheerfully. He really isn't good at sitting still, is he?

Ysa smirks over at M'iken, head nodding quickly. "For a boy," she tells her, then runs her free hand through her hair, now absent of her glass of water. She tries to tame the mess a bit. "We have a few for girls, but 'm hoping it's a boy." In other words, it better be… because she's mostly settled on that idea. "So not bad? Okay…" she nods again, a bit more confident in the name. "Looks like your store is going to become really popular, L'ren," she calls after the greenrider with a chuckle as he goes to help another customer.

Kagora spots Serina. "Serina! Do come here for a moment." She calls to the apprentice. "Serina, they lend books as well as sell them. I'd like you to choose three. Two related to the craft, and one on any other subject that catches your interest." She turns to L'ren and whispers to the fellow rider, pointing to Serina and winking.

"Huh? What?" L'ren has caught Serina off guard and she grabs the shelf for support out of habit. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was just looking, I really don't…" The sentence is left unfinished as Kagora notices her and with a warm smile, she excuses herself and makes her way to Kagora. "Three books? Um…" A glance around the room and a smile to the others there, faces she doesn't recognize, her tone indicating her hesitance in taking anything for loan due to the unpredictability when she'll be back. "If you say so ma'am." A courteous nod and she slinks off towards a shelf where she has noticed a book on the knitting patterns from around Pern. In this new place, she is still very shy and keeps her eyes averted from the other customers in the store.

Chet's expression changes, muttering an "Alright, fine" to a certain Blue, and begins to gather her purchase, and a couple of pastries for the road. "It seems that someone wants to go get started on the book now, so I guess I'm headed out. It was wonderful meeting all of y'all. I'm sure I'll see you around!" She approaches the door, but takes care to show Borren her receipt to humor him. "Bye!"

L'ren tilts his head thoughtfully at Kagora, then nods slowly. "I think so… Yes… Not part of our usual line, but, I think we have some…" he nods, then slips off into the crowd, finally returning with an A4-sized brown paper bag, with some sort of book inside. He does chuckle slightly, noting idly, "It's handy to have a transport rider for a sister, she's often in the area /anyway/, and she'll probably relish the collections, /particularly/ the overdue ones…" So, not being able to to get back to Ierne isn't such a big deal, then? Or maybe it's an even /bigger/ deal?

Kagora nods and says quietly to L'ren. "I'll arrange for her to bring the books back when Serina's done with them. She grew up in an isolated patch. I take care of all my apprentices, so I'd like it if I could get her off to a flying start if you know what I mean." Kagora nods to L'ren, her voice low.
Ysa waves after the Igen bluerider. "Nice meeting ya 'gain," she calls after Chet before turning back towards the food. She's finally satisfied, only picking up one more thing and a napkin so that she can start browsing the store. She makes sure not to bother L'ren while he is serving a customer, especially with a big order for a Weaver master.

Serina has carefully tucked the book of patterns under her arm after scanning its contents, then moves off to another shelf after noticing a book on weather and climate. A glance back towards Kagora and L'ren keeps her from returning to that part of the store for the time being. The weather patterns look interesting, so that is added to her collection under her arm. A low sqwak from within her jacket causes her to look down, then scratch the green head that pokes out. "Shush Felli, or we might get kicked out. I don't want any trouble." Not that it does much good, with the green eyes red with hunger. "Oh alright." A look over her shoulder towards the shopkeepers to notice if there is any anger, before her hand takes a meatroll from the snacks put out and offers it to the green. "There, now just be quiet and don't come out." The meatroll isn't enough, but it will have to suffice as she walks determinedly towards a shelf across the room where there is a picture of a weaving loom. Unfortunately, it is just a picture to illustrate the lives of women in history, so browsing continues. "Must find something else…" She mutters, scratching the firelizard's head to keep her quiet.

L'ren nods to Kagora, glancing over to Serina idly. "Anything to help, we're here to make books easier to access, for all of Pern." Mostly Ierne though, because Ierne is where the store is, convenience and all. And he's kind of the Weyrlord at the moment… "I hope the place does calm down a little, as it'll be left to Borren most of the time." he notes, with a frown, before heading back to the food, tilting his head at Ysa, "So, boy's name? What if it's a girl?" he asks, making conversation. Serina's firelizard is noted with a smile, and L'ren makes a point to say - to everyone, but while looking in Serina's direction - "The food is here for all, eat it up, it'll only go bad if it's not eaten."

Kai heads over to get some of the treats. She'll pick out a book after that.

Kagora whispers low to L'ren. "How much?" She indicates the bag. "I won't be able to bring more than ten of this one back with me." She indicates the apprentice text. "That's how much of a budget I got, but the bag comes out of my own coffers, soooo….." She calls over to Serina, in a voice that's quiet but carries. "Serina, when you're finished, be sure to get yourself something sweet from here." She spots Kai. "aaaaah, Kai, do you have a moment?" She asks the rider apprentice. "I've been asked to order some volumes for the apprentices, since you're an apprentice, I'd like you to help us bring the textbooks back to the hall."

Kai turns around when she hears Kagoras voice calling her name and she quickly pivots about. "Yes, Ma'am, certainly! Abeytuth and I can handle that," she says with a smile.

Ysa does not stray far from the food, cleaning her sticky fingers on the napkin as she eyes a few novels. "It will," she says towards L'ren and the his comment about the store calming down. "It's jus' your grand opening, people are bound to be curious." She turns around, grinning to him now. "It'll be a boy," she tells him with a stern nod. "But… well, there's always Raylea or, I did like the name ya told me last time, Amithea. Jus' in case. But Lyram's the one I was worried 'bout. Our names make good girl names." Serina's firelizard is also noted by the goldrider, but she doesn't smile at it. She'd rather ignore the fact that there was one of those in here, instead.

Serina turns on her heel as L'ren speaks about the food, a relieved look on her face that at least he isn't mad about it. Still, she is reluctant to go back to the food offerings just yet. Even with Kagora telling her to get something sweet. "I will ma'am." Though now her cheeks turn a bit pink and she resumes her browsing. Only when she has found a book about weaving different colors into one piece of cloth does she return to the food. "Thank you for the food sir." She has yet to open up from her mother's nagging about her respecting anyone she does not know. "I do like the name Amithea." She comments to Ysa as she reaches for another meatroll and lets her 'lizard have it, before taking a bubbly with a bit of red sticking out of the side. The green seems to be satisfied for now, and disappears back into the jacket to be fast asleep soon, only the bulge hinting at her presence.

Kai heads back to get some food, but silently warns her dragon to prepare for action.

L'ren tilts his head at the bag he'd got for Kagora, then shrugs. "Quarter mark?" he suggests, pulling the little pad of receipts out in preparation to write one out. He chuckles at Ysa, and shakes his head, "Oh, Bolia and I were sure Borren was going to be a girl," then he leans over adds in a hushed tone, checking first to make sure Borren was not in earshot, "I always think she was a little disappointed when he wasn't a she… But you didn't hear that from me!" he straightens up, and shakes his head. "I wouldn't start painting the nursery blue just yet." is his final bit of advice. And he grins at Serina, "See, Amithea is nice." he agrees. But of course he would, he came up with it.

Ysa glances over towards Borren when he was being discussed by the greenrider now. "Were ya two going to name her Borren, if it was a girl?" She chuckles a bit, shaking her head. "I won't be /that/ disappointed if it isn't a boy. We've got pretty neutral colors, anyways, for clothes an' things." She doesn't sound too worried about that. "Sure, Amithea it is. Amithea an' Lyram. I'll probably have another one in a few turns, anyways, so I'll make sure to save the names, 'less something else comes up." Not that she will be coming up with it. She gives the green one more look before the firelizard is cast from her mind completely, especially since it was going back into hiding anyways.

Kagora nods and slips the quarter mark to L'ren behind her back. She says, still in a low voice. "Lemme give it to its proper owner, then I'll gladly bargain with you for the text books." She gives L'ren a wink, then aherms. "Serina, I was wondering what you have so far in terms of apprentice equipment. Things are tight at the hall these days, but I'd like very much to make sure that every apprentice has what they need to get the job done." She has her back to L'ren, but is gesturing with her hand behind her for L'ren to hand her the bag.

Serina takes a bite out of the bubbly, licking the sticky juice off her lips before it dribbles down her chin. She wants to say something in response to the baby thing with Ysa, but finds she is called by Kagora instead. "Um, well…I only came to the hall with my clothes. My ma couldn't afford to let me have any of her knitting needles and I assumed I could use the equipment at the hall." This is stammered out and before she can make an even more fool of herself, the rest of the bubbly is popped into her mouth, making her look awkward with one cheek puffed out a bit from the large chunk of food. One book starts to slip from her grasp and she has to kneel to keep from losing all three to the floor. "Oh yeah, this is going to fun." This is whispered and only those closest to her might hear it. With the books rearranged under her arm, she erects herself again, the pink in her face turning to bright red. Sniff, poor girl to feel so humilated when she should be ecstatic to just be at Ierne.

L'ren chuckles, and shakes his head. "Ah, the name didn't come until after the baby, I'm afraid. Never thought of a girl's name, because I never needed one." he admits, with a shrug. "I suspect probably Lallia or something, similar mix of Borren - first two letters from one parent, last three from the other, doubled at the start…" he snorts, sounds suspiciously formulaic now he mentions it out loud. He shrugs, and slips Kagora the bag in one hand, and the hastily written receipt in the other.

Ysa grins at the greenrider again. "If R'miel wasn't so insistent on all the baby stuff now, I'd have left everything last minute. The kid would have been 'Boy' or 'Girl' for awhile, too." She shrugs both her shoulders helplessly and takes one more pastry before turning back to the greenrider. "At least both of your names worked really well. It's nice." As she fills her mouth with the snack, she turns a moment to scan the store again and the customers. Once she's able to talk ago, she turns back to the older man. "I'll see ya 'round, L'ren. I shouldn't keep ya too distracted an' I might as well make an appearance at work. It looks like you're going to be kept busy for awhile, anyways." With a wave, she heads out of the store.

Kagora presents Serina with the brown bag. "Well then, we'll have work to do. Ideally an apprentice should make their own equipment, but you need something to draw notes on wouldn't you?" She draws the basic, blank sketchbook, rather plain but perfect for a new apprentice to work with. "Like this for example?" She offers.

Serina blinks and looks confused as the bag is brought out from behind Kagora's back, and then a blank sketchbook taken out. "I…I would love to have a sketchbook, but I won't have the marks for one until next month." Yet her eyes look over the sketchbook with wonder, then reaches out to take it gingerly. "How..?" Nothing else comes, as her brow wrinkles in even more confusion, until something dawns on her and she brightens a bit. "Could you take it out of whatever I'll be paid for next month? I can at least draw a lot better than I can sew…I think." Not that she got much chance at home.

It's only everyonce in a while that the brownrider comes in to view as she's effectivly found her nose stuck in a book. Ironically though it's not a novel, it's a history book. Turn's out M'iken is the kind to be more interested in things that have actually happened than in ficticious lives. The reason it's ironic is because the brownrider is the type to make up stories about people's lives when she'd musing on them when talking with friends. "Huh, I just can't imagine what thread would be like." Especially since her dragon is a brown. He'd be very useful in the fighting if they'd lived around that time.

Kagora says sternly to Serina. "Serina, this was a drop out of my pocket. Apprentices from the Telgar back hills have come to the hall with more than you. You will take the book, no questions asked, and you will use it for your classes, and when we get home I will teach you over the coming weeks how to make knitting needles, and a basic loom to practice on. None of these will be very graceful, but they will be yours. You will be able to do much with a little, and that is important." She waits for the apprentice's response but eyes the bookseller L'ren and Borrin, needing to complete her bargaining quickly, but not about to leave her apprentice high and dry either.

L'ren sighs heavily at the time, and just … leaves. If he were any less busy, he might stop to chat to M'iken about her choice, it does look like he wants to as he hesitates, but ultimately, work calls. It's a hard choice, he really does like the history thing, that's half of his craft speciality! Borren is still here, hanging around, helping people with various things. He does note to M'iken, "Ah, good choice that one, don't let L'ren know you fancy the past though, he'll talk your ear off!" And then Borren moves over to do the bargaining with Kagora, settling on quite a reasonable price in the end. The store isn't about the money, not at all, it's about the /books/.

Kai enjoys the pastries and rubs her fingertips on her riding pants before she touches the art books…and the poetry books.

Serina has a total change of mood, looking sheepish at having asked so many questions and takes the scrapbook. "Thank you. Yes ma'am." Though the little speech of what she didn't come with causes her to back away a couple steps. "I would love to have my own needles." The voice is soft though, looking mightly shy now by looking anywhere but Kagora's eyes. She didn't realize how much of the other apprentices had and thought they were just teasing when they said the things were theirs. It has just dawned on her how isolated her parents had kept her, their entire family, and is both angry and depressed at the same time. "Here are the three books I've chosen." Still avoiding the master's eyes, to keep from expressing her anger in any way, the books are handed over to Kagora so she can have them checked out.

Kagora looks them over, then motions for her apprentice to check them out at the desk. "I'm sorry to sound stern, Serina. I would like to see you and every apprentice I am placed in charge of excell in their craft, if occasionally I have to invest a mark or two, or a favor or three from my bloodkin, to make sure that they've got the tools they need to learn with and the skills to make the equipment they need to work with, then so be it. Every apprentice is required to learn to make, fix, and service their own equipment, and now that I know you need somethings, I'd like you to make a list of equipment you're missing." She says with a warm smile. "I'll show you how to /make/ what you need, which is far more gratifying than buying it."

Kai sits down with an adventure book about sailing and is soon lost in the story.

M'iken smiles at Borren and chuckles lightly. "Oh he knows. I'm just never able to find the time to get myself somewhere in his vicinity so we can disscuss it." The brownrider can't help but eavesdrop on conversations, it just happens you know when you're near other people, and she's glad she went into the tanner craft and not the weaver craft. Granted it's a terribly stinky job, but she's glad most of her tools just had to be bought. They aren't blacksmiths after all with all the knives and hammers and such that they use. Though still the apprentice seemed to be lucky to have a master that was so keen on helping her. The brownrider just smiles to herself before working out a price for the book with Borren, it turned out to be quite expensive, but owning a bit of pern's history was something the woman just couldn't pass up. "See you later Borren." She says with a smile and a nod before heading out.

Serina looks over the two riders absorbed in books and forces herself to smile and nod at Kagora, eventually meeting the woman's eyes. "No, no..I.." She licks her lips and starts again. "I'm sorry, it was my family is all. I will get you that list as soon as I can once we get back to the hall." Which means probably tomorrow, if it takes her all night to complete. "I guess I got used to the fact I had to share everything I assumed that would continue." She stops short of saying forgive me, but she still looks a bit sheepish, then walks off towards the desk to check out her books. Addressing Borren, she quickly gets the books loaned out for as much time as possible. Now if she get a few bits of marks to buy a nice large notebook to take notes from these books, she would be a lot happier. Unfortunately, the other apprentices might not be with her keeping a glowbasket half open during the night to read until she falls asleep, usually with the book under her head. At least that happened last night with the dye book one of the apprentices loaned her for a while.

Kagora nods to Serina. "Alright, enjoy your visit here. I have to finish bargaining for textbooks and I'll come get you when I've finished." She tells Serina with a smile. "Hang onto the recipt and bag. You could probably save the bag to keep small things safe in."

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