Flit Hatching

WeaverCraft Hall - Landing Field(#4260RJs)
This field has no need to be well-kempt with draconic feet constantly around stamping the person-tall grasses flat. Even the surrounding jungle dares not to intrude upon the lethal zone. Yet mingling amongst the trampled grasses, some flowery specimens still manage to peek up. Quick to grow and bloom, they somehow manages to keep healthy numbers even as an ill-placed paw means several deaths.
Ancient Heritage Egg
Risen from the Ocean Egg
Plunge into Adventure Egg

Josilyn has arrived.

Serina has been jogging around the hall, keeping in shape and all to manage those harder tasks. Finally she comes to a stop at the edge of the landing field, her chest heaving from the effort to pull air into her lungs. "Oh shells, I knew I shouldn't have taken that fifth lap." Her knees become wobbly and she collapses to the ground, sweat dripping off her brow. Felli, her green 'lizard, pokes her head out of the pouch she managed to borrow off one of the other apprentices. A soft croon and the swirling eyes look around the field, before she climbs out of the back and up onto Seri's shoulder. "Hey Felli, I know it must have been hot in there." A scratch over the eyelid and then Seri makes it to her feet. "Come on, let's walk this pain in my legs out." The squeezable leather ball is tossed from hand to hand, then squeezed a couple times as she moves out into the field.

Kagora has been keeping watch. "Damnit." She watches Weir prance around her eggmound. "Sharditall. Where's Hanabey. A dragon doesn't take this long to go between, he's fooling with me." The Apprenticemaster has a book in her hand, reading absently and making notes on what appears to be a lesson plan.

More clothes. Does Josilyn really need more? She certainly thinks so. And the perk of being posted to a Weyr is it's far easier to get a ride somewhere. The Sr. Apprentice Healer hops down from the green who gave her a lift, the rider shaking his head at the rather oddly dressed girl who than steps lightly into the landing area. "Well now, where to?" she asks of… well, thin air. Seeing a couple of people, she begins a light step in their direction, humming to herself.

Weir warbles happily and begins to hum. Her wings flap as she circles the eggmound. Shepard begins to creel before he too begins to hum. Koga has been asked to do his master a favor and bring her some paperwork. And no sooner have the lizards begun to hum than the apprentice appears with the required forms. "Oh my, would you like me to get some food master? I mean, you need some out here." Kagora nods. "Hurry." She tells the apprentice.

Serina notices Kagora on one part of the field and strides over to the woman, wincing a bit at the cramp in her thigh. "Oo, ow." Yet she smiles as she come near the master. "Good day ma'am." Her tone is pleasant but she is soon distracted by Felli who glides off her shoulder and awkwardly lands on the ground near what seems to be like an egg mound. Felli picks up the hum from Weir but keeps her distance, still not more than a hatchling herself. "I thought firelizards laid their eggs on the beaches." Seri mutters to Kagora, kind of dumbstruck at the look of the circling green Weir. She is about to ask if she should go get food, but another apprentice beats her to it.

Ancient Heritage Egg's movements in the tiny eggmound are thoughtful, cautious. Hi there, there's a steady scritch, scritch, scritch. Creeeeel, scritch scritch.

They have likely knots! Josilyn begins traipsing happily towards Serina and Kagora, waving cheerfully in their direction. "Hello! I'm looking for someone who takes commissions!" And rather… frilly ones, by the looks of her own outfit. She slows up as she sees the humming firelizards and those wobbly eggs. "Oh dear, the poor things, they could have been stepped on!" She clasps her hands before her, appearing to be truly worried for the eggs. Even if they are quite safe at the moment.

Serina looks up from her eyes watching the green firelizards to Josilyn as she speaks. "Oh, hello!" Her voice is cheerful, but the smile is only warm with her shyness. "Commissions? We can do that. What did you need?" She watched enough apprentices helping to take commissions and memorized the beginning parts at least. Then her eyes return to the eggs for a moment before her hands begin massaging her thighs. Just ignore the sweat-soaked shirt.
Kagora rolls her eyes at Serina. "Firelizards will lay their eggs anywhere there's soil to bury them." She stands and approaches Josilyn. "I'm apprenticemaster here. I'll take care of……" And then Josilyn's concern turns to the egg. "Yeah, they've been watched over by two very anxious firelizards." She indicates her green and brown. Then Koga comes out with Miroken and a tray with four bowls of meat scraps on it. "If you'd like to try for one, by all means."

The Ancient Heritage egg rocks eagerly back and forth, wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle. A rhythmic scritch, scritch, scritch like a pen on paper is audible from within. One by one cracks inch up the side of the egg, as if the force within is gentle, calm, thoughtfull. Then the keystone on its side falls down, and suddenly the egg has broken into shards, exposing the Softspoken Scholar Brown Hatchling, flat on his back. There's a firelizard sigh from his muzzle as he blinks dazedly up at the world. Um….. some help here?

Softspoken Scholar Brown
This brown firelizard is pale in color, sunswept sand and tan suade cover his bright vellum form. The sails of his wings are long and narrow, the color of canvas glittering in the sun. Silver flecks along desert colored flanks, glittering diamonds and silica on his hide. Across his back, his neck, his wings, this little brown seems to have some sort of runes or writing on them. Oaken hues underlie his narrow, reedy chest, the shelves of a long abandoned museum. His face has a youthful look to it, formed from terracotta clay, bits of pottery glued together to uncover a long lost puzzle. His eyes are very round and owlish, with silver hints underlying eyeridges that bear a striking resemblance to glasses.

Poor eggs. Commission. Eggs. Commission. Josilyn watches the eggs with concern while she speaks, "Well, I've been told I need a more proper outfit when working in the infirmary, but you see, I hate those bland uniforms that most people wear. They say I wear too much lace and frills and I was hoping that someone might be able to find something that /I/ find suitable, as well as being acceptable by the Masters." She rambles on happily, only jumping back slightly as the egg hatches. "Oh! Was it supposed to do that?" But then there's meat being brought out and she smiles, straightening and clapping her hands a bit. "I see! They are hatching! Oh, how wonderful." Now she won't be kept awake at night, wondering at the fate of the eggs.

Serina smiles to the other apprentice who brought the meat and takes one of the bowls from him, before slowly moving to kneel and then sit on her heels with a bunch of ows muttered under her breath. A piece of meat is taken out, but then Josilyn's words distract her and she looks up. "Hmm. Well…" This part always seems to be different so she is a little undecided about what to say. "I can help you find one of the other apprentices to sew something together for you. Now if you wanted a sweater, I could do that, but…" She smiles and her voice trails off. As she looks back down, the meat is out of her hand and Felli is gulping it down. "Hey you little… Felli, this is for those that are hatching, not you!" Another piece is taken out and thrown toward her green to distract the other hatchling while a second piece of meat is thrown towards the brown who just hatched.

Kagora nods. "They /are/ eggs." Kagora points out. "Lovely little fellow. Don't you agree Weir?" The green firelizard bobs her head, humming lovingly and chirping to the brown whose just come out of her first clutch of eggs. "This is Weir's first clutch." She says proudly. "If you can bring me a sketch or example of the uniform that your infirmary uses, I can help you with it." Agrees Kagora. She oversees the eggs, and Miroken's beautiful little blue joins in with the parents, humming happily.

Softspoken Scholar Brown Hatchling rolls over onto his stomach. Then he spots the food. Oh, yum. The little brown spots Serina and shakes back and forth. There's a thoughtful chirp and he hops forwards, looking back and forth between Josilyn and Serina. He makes a couple more hops forwards.

"Well, there's no set uniform, persay," Josilyn says, looking back and forth between them. "But, see, I…" she pulls a fairly worn piece of paper from the carisak she brought with her, extending it out even as she eyes the meat. "Is there any meat that's not so…" she tries to find the word and swallows, finally figuring it: "gross?" She rubs her hand on her skirts, even as she contemplates how icky her hands would become if she touched the meat.

Serina sees that Kagora has taken over what Josilyn came here for, taking another piece of the dripping meat and tossing it towards the brown. A third piece however is stolen by Felli, who gets a muttering. The mention of meat being gross gets a hearty laugh and she looks up while reaching for another piece of meat and holding it out towards the eggs. "Gross? Sorry, I find that funny. I think numbweed itself is gross to touch, especially since you can't feel it after a bit." A large smile, though it takes a bit to fully emerge on her lips.

Kagora spots Josilyn's wiping of hands. "Here." She pulls a handkerchief from her pocket. "Here you go. No, unfortunately, sloppy drippy meat is best. All those juices are healthy for the firelizard." She explains. She nods to Serina. "I'll take care of her Serina, though I'd like you to watch while i handle the commission and make it. I want you to learn how things like this work, think you can do that?" She watches the brown carefully. "Come on little guy."

Lips press together in a thin line. Josilyn looks to the handkerchief and shakes her head, pulling out one of her own. One looking closely at her bag would see that there's quite a few of the scraps of cloth in there. She uses the kerchief to carefully pick up a piece of meat. "Numbweed makes it harder to feel the gross stuff," Josi admits, "but it can still be… squishy. I hate when there's stuff between your fingers." She shudders, a little, still holding the paper in her other hand. "See, they want it to be more… simple. But a white blouse and a plain skirt is just so.. boring."

Softspoken Scholar Brown Hatchling is still rather indecisive. His pace is steady, looking back and forth, his chirples and croons are curious as he explores the landing field. The brown pauses near Josilyn, but then he goes after Serina, her tossing of meat bits finds him gets him completely curious and he hops towards the apprentice before carefully grabbing the piece of meat from Serina's fingers.

Softspoken Scholar Brown looks into Serina's eyes. Impression!

Risen from the Ocean egg's surface shivers and glistens in the right light. There's a brittle crackling as the egg shudders minutely in place. The shivering becomes circling, twisting like some massive whirlpool. Then suddenly, just as water rolls from the back of a duck, the foamy surf of the egg's shell ripples away like the tides retreating from the shore. Left in its place, muzzle pointed straight up and wings opening with slow grace, the Fervent Diplomat Green Hatchling makes her graceful entrance into the world.

Fervent Diplomat Green

Kelly green and heather form this quiet green firelizard's hide. Ocean spray, all sea green and aquamarine foam covers her chest and wings. She would seem rather average for a green, were it not for the glittering celadon droplets across chest, flank and belly. These shards have been shattered from a long forgotten artifact, creating ethereal, starlike sparkles over wide, sturdy wings. The subtle grace in her periodot step, the curve of her glittering form and motion of her limbs breaks into sky swept ridges and foresails, ready to carry her effortlessly through the skies.

Serina gives an eager nod to Kagora then her smile fades a little. "As long as I don't have to sew, I'll be fine." She already been kicked out of what lesson and had a stern 'talking to' over her lack of sewing ability by that elder Journeyman. He wasn't pleased that after the fifth time, her stitches were still off by fingerlengths over a handspan. Then the meat out of her fingers is gone and she looks down, about to scold Felli for stealing more meat, but she is over trying to put her nose in one of the other apprentice's bowls. Instead, there is a brown at her knee gulping down the meat and looking at her for more. "Oh, little one. Here you go." Soon, with a couple more bites of food, the brown is on her arm eating happily. "You certainly are…um…curious. Yeah, that's it." Felli has taken no notice as she steals three bites of meat from another apprentice who thinks she's a hatchling until she runs off and flaps up to Seri's shoulder, making the young boy look quite distraught.

Fervent Diplomat Green Hatchling looks back and forth, a happy chirple as she trots forwards steadily from the mound. Though her hide is radient, her figure is nothing special, and she doesn't seem to be especially screechy or concieted. The problem is that, unfortunately, this green is far to interested in her surroundings rather than food just yet, because she starts off sideways off the mound, paralell to the humans. There's this big flower not far away, and that seems to be the object of her curiousity.

"He's /adorable/," Josilyn says happily to Serina, beaming at the Weaver Apprentice. "And oh!" she smiles at the green that just hatched, "so is she!" She holds out the bit of meat that's clutched carefully in the kerchief and she tries not to notice the juices soaking through it. She'll have to get rid of that one later. "But, yes, ah, I want something that's… pretty and fashionable, but still meets the standards for the infirmary. And really, all they ask in there is that it be simple. I'm not sure what to do!"

Serina smiles up to Josilyn. "Thank you." She continues feeding Dani not worrying about Felli since she seems to have satisfied herself. "Oh, she is pretty." Though her tone is of disinterest, busy feeding the brown into slumber. "Yes, I think you'll be Dani from now on. You are as curious as my childhood canine."

Kagora smiles at Serina's contentment with her brown. "Well, looks like your green has a new brother." Weir chirples in surprise at the curious green, as if to say. 'where are you going young lady?' "What is that one doing?"

Fervent Diplomat Green Hatchling crawls under a huge flower, and then just as suddenly she jumps upwards squeaking happily. Flower petals go flying, and then they're gone, and the kelly green looks back and forth in disappointment. Weir gives her daughter a concerned chirp. The little green croons in disappointment, she turns and stares up at her mother, chattering as if she were actually trying to dissuade her mother from ending her fun!

"Well," Josilyn says, tucking the picture away. She realizes now is not yet the time. And she's got a piece of meat soaking through to her fingers. Ick! She tosses that one aside, shaking her head a bit. "She seems to like that flower?" Stating the obvious. Another piece of meat, this one maybe a bit less dripping, is picked up carefully. "Though I don't know why."

Serina watches as the green basically destroys the flower and just shakes her head. "Kind of odd that one, but interesting. Another piece of meat is given to the brown, who actually reluctantly takes it. A minute later, he has wrapped his talons and tail around her arm and fallen asleep. "Oh drat it, I didn't want him to go to sleep there." A smile up to Kagora as it finally dawns on her she had been spoken to. "Yes, I suppose she does. Now to convince the cooks to leave me two bowls of scraps after every meal." A chuckle at this and then a warm smile towards Josilyn. "May I ask where you come from? I'm trying to study the differences in fashion from each area."

Fervent Diplomat Green Hatchling warbles resignedly. Her mother isn't budging, still, the green ducks and dodges back and forth happily. For now, there's nothing worrying her. And then she bumps into a bowl of scraps left around. Ooooh, what's this? She curiously pushes the bowl with her nose, but the poor little green can't reach the meat inside, chirruping puzzledly she looks back and forth for another option.

"I'm from Fort Hold, originally, but I am posted to Fort Weyr currently." Josilyn answers, almost distracted as she watches the green hatchling. "Oh? You want that, here…" she moves over and carefully, to avoid touching the meat itself, tips the bowl over to pour some of the contents out for the hatchling. "Don't eat too much. You might get sick," the healer apprentice warns.

Serina ahs and nods. "I'm from around Fort myself. I could make you a scarf if you like. I know the winters can get quite cold." She is careful to not move her arm with the hatchling attached to it.

Fervent Diplomat Green Hatchling suddenly has meat spilled on her. Oh my! The hatchling blinks in surprise, then blinded temporarily by the meat juices she chirrups in fright and lunges forwards, colliding with Josilyn's hand and grabbing at the nearest steady surface with her talons, Josilyn's fingers. There's a frightened churr, 'save me!'

Fervent Diplomat Green looks into Josilyn's eyes. Impression!

"Oooh, what type of scarf?" Josilyn asks, perking up a bit. She's looking toward Serina. "I /do/ need more color in my wardro-" And she blinks a few times as the green is suddenly on and in her hand. "OW!" She squeaks and pulls her hand nearer, trying to extract the green. "Please, ow, let go, ow. Yes, food, uhm.." and without a care, at the moment, for juices, she's grabbing meat for the 'lizard.

Kagora giggles, but then Weir nuzzles the last egg, crooning sadly. "Oooooh, let's see Weir…." She picks up the last egg, holding her ear to it. "Its still warm Weir, I just don't think its ready to hatch just yet, don't be sad!" She turns to Josilyn. "I need to take this back to the hall and keep it safe for Weir. I don't think its ready to hatch yet."

Serina opens her mouth to say something and then starts laughing instead. "Looks like you got yourself that beautiful green. Congrats." Then very carefully, she stands up and is a bit wobbly with one foot having gone to sleep. "Well, I can't say I knit real well, but I know the basics. Though, I don't know how to add different color together yet. I can at least knit you a warm scarf in a pretty color to go with your winter clothes. You'd need to let me know what color you would like. I can probably get it to you within a month." When Kagora picks up the egg and mentions it isn't ready to hatch she looks a bit concerned. "I heard there could be dud eggs, though three was really good for…Weir was it? Though it was only a rumor I heard." A bit of a sheepish look and she pointedly looks back to Josilyn to keep from meeting the master's eyes.

"Maybe that one was laid last?" Josilyn ventures, thinking. "I don't remember, but maybe they all need the same amount of time out and it's why they don't all hatch immediately?" She shrugs as she tries to clean off her fingers once she's detached the green. "Well, pink would be lovely."

Kagora shrugs. "Occasionally there are duds, but I can feel just a little bit of movement in this one. If the hatchling were dead, it wouldn't be moving. Therefore I'll do my green Weir a favor and keep it safe for her." Kagora nods and turns to Josilyn. "Serina is up and coming as an apprentice, I can handle a uniform commission for you, but I'd like, if at all possible, to have her watch with me while I make that uniform. Serina, you're more than welcome if you'd like to offer your services to apprentice Josilyn. And when you get the chance, I have an assignment for you."

Serina smiles even wider and moves from one foot to another, wincing a bit as the left foot begins to wake up and therefore hurt. "Pink is a wonderful color. Do you want one shade or a difference in shades? Personally, I would like a scarf that had a bit of depth in shade. Master Kagora here can make some wonderfully dyed yarns that seem to have darker shades at one end and lighter at the other. When knitted, it gives an almost shimmering effect." Her eyes brighten as she is clearly most intrigued with the idea of knitting for someone else than her family. Then Kagora is talking to her and she gives a slight nod, looking at the woman. "Of course ma'am. I don't think Dani here is going to wake up until later tonight, if at all." She practically beams down at the brown wrapped around her arm, which is held close to her so her elbow doesn't tire as easily.

Kagora shrugs. "Occasionally there are duds, but I can feel just a little bit of movement in this one. If the hatchling were dead, it wouldn't be moving. Therefore I'll do my green Weir a favor and keep it safe for her." Kagora nods and turns to Josilyn. "Serina is up and coming as an apprentice, I can handle a uniform commission for you, but I'd like, if at all possible, to have her watch with me while I make that uniform. Serina, you're more than welcome if you'd like to offer your services to apprentice Josilyn. And when you get the chance, I have an assignment for you." Unfortunately, Weir isn't in a sociable mood. A fierce chirp from her and brown Shepard is screeling and flying around his foodthing's head. Alarmingly, the egg falls, then it cracks, freeing the poor green hatchling within. It just couldn't get out!

There's a wild rattling from within the Plunge into Adventure Egg. An invisible wind whips from inside the shell. It rocks and rattles wildly as if something inside is hitting the shells with a sledge hammer. This keeps up for about thirty seconds after the violent motion began. Then suddenly the Plunge into Adventure Egg explodes and reveals a glistening Brilliant Scholar Green Hatchling.

Brilliant Explorer Green
A luxurious jungle and emerald field covers this green firelizard's svelte form. She's not especially pretty, but her form is sleek, athletic. Her face isn't really anything special in shape, but her muzzle glitters the shade of crystaline silicon, like a computer chip come to life. Her talons are clothed in pine and forest shades, with ivory claws, nimble and capable of manipulating items other greens may find tricky. Shimmering ethereal stalight sends meteors streaking across her sturdy, well formed astral green wings. The effortless movement of her smooth ivy form belies a stubborn little firelizard.

"Oh, I don't mind that at all! It's always good for Apprentices to watch, I think." Josilyn beams at Kagora, tilting her head a bit to the side. "You can do that?" she asks Sarina, eyes widening. "Shimmering? Oh, that sounds wonderful. A shimmering pink scarf! I bet all of Fort would love it." The Healer apprentice is dressed… in quite frilly clothing and has a green hatchling latched onto her hand. She's working at removing talons from her fingers, wincing at bits of blood that well up. "I… ow, hope she doesn't make this a habit."

M'gan is kind of idly munching on a meatroll as he comes out from the hall, heading towards a sleeping bronze across the field, Perianth enjoying the bit of sunlight. At the sight of the hatchling, he comes over, to watch curiously, grinning as he sees the various little one. "Oh, what a nice looking little clutch."

There was commotion, and wherever there is commotion, A'mon tends to find himself. He *was* coming to check on his blue, Aurleth, who is crouched over to one side of the field. His objective quickly changes as he sees the crowd of people, and he wanders over nochalantly. "What is this?" He wonders aloud, eyeing the little firelizards. "A hatching, how adorable." His voice is a mixture of amusement and dryness, and he pauses, arms crossing over his chest, to watch the proceedings. As the green hatches, he chuckles. "Well, that's one way to come into the world!" He remarks. "A bit violent, but I suppose it does the job."

Serina nods to Josilyn and then frowns a bit. "Well, maybe not shimmering as like a piece of jewelry, but the differences in shades always keep the eye moving which can have the same effect. Though maybe if I knitted in a bit of sisal…" That would give the shimmering effect, but then the frantic nature of Kagora's firelizards distracts her and she just gasps as the egg falls from her hands and shatters. "Oh, another beatiful green!" Only once the green moves does she actually remember to breathe. Then there are others around and her shyness returns, backing up a little bit to let the others in to try for the little green. So instead, she picks up the bowl of meat she used to impress the brown, and moves around the back of the crowd to find Josilyn. "You don't have to get the graduated shades you know. If you'd like just a plain color, I can do that too. I just can't do anything fancy like those lace holes or tassels on the end. I haven't learned how to do that yet." A sheepish smile and her eyes dance around the group, hoping to not be noticed by all these people that just showed up.

Kagora calls to the riders joining them. "I'd appreciate either of you trying for one, otherwise the poor thing will go wild. She's the last of the clutch to hatch. And I have meat already." The Master is known for not wanting to leave anything that needs it out in the cold, that includes firelizards as well as apprentices, and her anxiety over the green is appearant on her face.

Brilliant Explorer Green Hatchling blinks in surprise. She's flat on her back and quickly her athletic form twists itself over onto her own four feet. The little green starts stomping each of her feet in turn, twisting her neck, tail, and extending her wings experimentally. Given the tumble she's just taken, can you blame her?

Moving back and away, Josilyn has extracted the hatchling from herself and it is sitting in the middle of a bowl of meat. This allows her to pull a small kit from her bag to begin cleaning the places the talons pricked already. "Oh, no, no… I love the sound of that.. graduated color thing. It sounds really pretty and in pink, would be very, very nice to wear in the winter. It's hard to be properly fashionable in the winter."

M'gan nods as he comes closer, kneeling down, and popping the rest of the meatroll into his mouth, and immediately grabbing a handful of the meat. "Of course, Madame. It'd be a pleasure, and she's such a lovely little one, it'd be a terrible shame for her to go wild." He shoots a charming smile to the pretty Weaver, then turns his full attention to the solid, but still beautiful, green hatchling.

A'mon seems of two minds for a moment, and then he shrugs and steps forward. "I'll try." He tells Kagora. "Although i've never had much luck with flits, they seem to sense my evil nature." He waggles his eyebrows, then laughs at himself and gathers a few scraps of meat. Without ceremony, he flops down on the trodded earth and holds out one fat piece towards the green. "Well now, little one, tumble like that, I'd be a little angry too." He tells it conversationally. "Shake it off, you'll be a'right. Just means you'll be tough and strong." He waggles the meat experimentally. "C'mon, come get a bite."

Serina grins and moves away with Josilyn as she has managed to extract the green from her hand. "I'm Serina by the way. Oh wait, Master Kagora already told you that didn't she?" Her cheeks turn pink and she sighs. "So, um, how much difference in shade would you like or does it not matter? I actually can't promise anything as I'll have to ask for the yarn to be dyed with those shades first and dyes are quite fickle. I've seen some cloths that were supposed to be sky blue and ended up harper blue because they got left in just a moment too long." A giggle at that and finally she is opening up. She no longer slouches but instead is standing upright, even if it isn't much height.

Brilliant Explorer Green Hatchling finishes taking stock of herself. Shaking her head, she starts off at a headlong lope around the ring of humans, assessing the situation fully before she takes further action. A croon or creel to each human as she passes seems to be the lively green's way of assessing the world around her.

M'gan chuckles. "You, m'dear, are a young lady with quite the purpose," he says to the little green. "You're going to definitely be an inquisitive one, aren't you?" He experiments, by kind of hiding a bit of the raw meat behind his hand, seeing if the curious little green notices, watching her as she explores the world and these strange lifeforms that she's never before encountered…

"Uhm, I don't think I have a preference… I mean, pink and differences in shade is all I can think of?" Josilyn looks down at the hatchling, who has fallen asleep in the bowl. She uses another of her kerchiefs to pick it up, gently, and place it in the crook of her arm. "Serina, yes, Apprentice Weaver, right? I'm Josilyn, Sr. Apprentice Healer, posted to Fort Weyr." Sure, she's introduced herself before, but it's been quite busy! "I… really know so little about /how/ clothes are made. Just that I like them."

A'mon laughs, gesturing to the green with his piece of meat. "Look at that, playing dragon-dragon-wherry. I hope she doesn't expect us to get up and run around the circle with her - I'm getting too old for running games!" As the green passes him, he jiggles the meat. "Come now, you must be hungry, eh? Gotta have food to have energy, otherwise you'll get weak and starve!" He shakes his head, tsking. "That wouldn't do at all." Jiggle, jiggle, goes the meat.

Serina nods and her lips move without sound as she memorizes the information long enough until she can go write it down in the hall. "Well met Josilyn." A large smile again and she motions for the other girl to follow her around the back of the crowd towards the hall. "I can tell you how they are made, but it might bore you. I learned that much, just can't put it all together without the sewing going horribly wrong. Besides, you could probably bore me with all the herbs and what they do." She winks at the other and walks slowly, more to keep the green and brown asleep then anything else. "Follow me and I'll show you into the hall so you can get your measurements taken and let Master Kagora know what you would like." She doesn't go so far as to say that it would also give Josi a chance to possibly wash her hands. Weavers don't like to mess their cloths afterall.

Brilliant Explorer Green Hatchling pauses, and now moves more slowly back towards the humans. She's got Weir and Shepard chirruping ecstatic assurances to her as she saunters back and forth among the humans, trying to decide between the two riders offering food and a home to her.

M'gan smiles as he continues to watch the little green, not saying anything more at the moment. Instead, he adds a little bit more meat to the hidden pile, completely taken by her curious intelligence. He takes a deep breath, just waiting, watching. No promises of adventure, those aren't needed, as they tend to come with being a rider. Instead, just calmness, companionship, being a part of a team as they explore Pern together. That's all he has to give her, and he hopes it's enough.

A'mon uses his other hand to push some hair out of his face, while his meat-laden hand is still towards the little green. "And now, the final look-over." He murmurs, chuckling. "Picky thing, isn't she?" And he props up his chin with his clean hand, eyes trained on the firelizard. "Ah well. Take your time."

Brilliant Explorer green doesn't seem to sense any evil in either direction. Poor M'gan is going to have to wait another day for a firelizard, she's taken all the time she needs because CHOMP! She's picked A'mon's offerings over M'gan's. Mission accomplished, food thing chosen.

Brilliant Explorer Green looks into A'mon's eyes. Impression!

M'gan chuckles, and shrugs, not taking it personally, as he's been passed over by many a fire lizard in his thirty-two turns. Instead, he just pushes his small pile of meat to A'mon, giving it to the other rider and his new companion. "Good job. I'm sure she'll be a wonderful companion.

A'mon pauses in shocked silence. Then, shrugging, he starts shoveling in the food, scooping up the little green in one arm. "Well hello there, little lady." He gives M'gan a respectful nod and takes up a chunk of the newly-acquired meat, adding it to the pieces already in his hand. "Now, what are we going to call you?" Aurleth cranes his head over the crowd and wuffles at A'mon and his new flit, seeming pleased enough.

Kagora has sat back and watched her apprentice closely, and then there goes the lizard that's been the cause for so much concern. "There we go." She turns to both riders and then Josilyn. "You're welcome to come to the great hall for something to eat and drink. I'd like to go over some things with Serina if you don't mind, Josilyn this will be Serina's first commission. So I hope you don't mind if I supervise for a bit." She nods to Serina. "That way you have somebody to ask if you need more information." She winks at Josilyn. "As an apprentice yourself, I think you can imagine the nervousness of being new to the craft." Kagora's tone is encouraging for Serina.

"Oh, please," Josilyn says to Serina, getting to her feet carefully. She looks to Kagora and smiles broadly, "Oh, I don't mind at all. It's quite alright. We don't have commissions in the Healer Craft… it can be hard, because some people are so nervous about an Apprentice working on them." She tilts her head a bit, "So, yes, I mean, please do supervise. I'd love to have the scarf she's talking of."

M'gan shakes his head, shrugging. "I wish I could, but I need to be off to Ierne." Still, he can't resist another smile to Kagora. "Of course, that doesn't mean I can't come back some other time. Especially when there's as lovely a vision awaiting as you, dear lady.

Serina looks a bit sheepish towards Kagora and then smiles. "I have no problem with it, though I must admit I knit a lot better than I sew." At least it is even for the most part. She starts to put her arms behind her, then realizes she still has a bowl of meat in one hand and a brown asleep on the other arm. So just shifts from foot to foot for a bit. "I am glad there are people like you that do choose to heal the rest of us. What would I do if I manage to catch my finger in one of those looms?" The voice is teasing, and she smiles to Josilyn. See, when she opens up, she can be quite personable and partly funny.

A'mon opens one side of his riding jacket to allow the green to tuck herself in once she gets full. "We must be getting back home. Thank you, though." He bows slightly to Kagora and then turns and strides towards his blue, one hand cupped protectively against the bulge in his jacket. He checks Aurleth's straps and then is boosted up into place, and he waves before the blue trots off a ways and jumps into the sky.

Kagora nods, flattered at M'gan's flirting. "I"d appreciate it, the Hall isn't in too good a shape, but visitors are always welcomed." She nods. She looks from Weaver apprentice to healer apprentice. "When you're finished with Josilyn, Serina, I've heard from a Journeyman about your sewing skills, so I'm going to give you a little one on one teaching to get you started." She says with a wink to Serina. "Your knitting is wonderful however. I'll be interested in seeing how the scarf turns out as well."

Serina smiles as M'gan is clearly flirting with the master and looks away. Then her smile fades at Kagora mentioning one on one teaching for sewing. "Um…yes ma'am." She doesn't want to say in front of the others that her mother tried and never could get her to sew even remotely straight. Though maybe, just maybe, that foot powered sewing machine could let her do it.

M'gan smiles at Kagora once again, and bows to her, as he slips on his jacket and helmet. "I will look forward to it. Indeed, I'll try to be back quite soon. I thank you most kindly for the chance to impress the little one" And with that, he turns, and makes his way across the field to where Perianth is now waking up, and stretching.
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"Don't worry about it," Josilyn says quietly to Serina, looking up from happily watching the 'lizard in her arms. "I'm horrible with tending wounds." She shifts a little, "But sewing isn't so hard. I've had to sew people up before." For someone with OCD like her, it's probably one of the few things she's properly good at.

You step over to the great hall, entering the room…
WeaverCraft Hall - Great Hall(#4461RJs)
Large and bordering on cavernous, this great hall has rightfully earned its name. Towering walls, bedecked with colorful tapesteries flaunting the talents of inhabitants current and past, rise higher and higher to support a grand arched ceiling from which more colorful works of art dangle idly.
Strewn across the room, stand many tables of varying lengths lined with slowly aging wooden chairs, awaiting the arrival of the hungry that are constantly popping in throughout the day, no matter the time. A buffet table by the hearth at one end of the hall presents an assortment of snack for those who just happen to wander in between meals.
A huge doorway dwarfs all the bright curtain covered exits from the hall. Left open to the courtyard without most of the year to allow air to circulate through the compound, this arched way is also responsible for most of the light gracing the room during the day.


Josilyn wanders into the great hall, from the courtyard.

Serina slips through the large doors into the hall, still muttering to herself over and over what it was Josilyn wanted for the scarf. "Come on in. Would you like anything to eat or drink?" Luckily the hall doesn't stink as bad as it once did, but people are still running out the door to go use the makeshift latrines outside. There is still that lingering smell in the air, though Serina doesn't seem to notice it outright. She grins at Josilyn then very carefully unattaches her green and brown and sets them down on a nearby plush chair with some of its padding coming out of the top.

Kagora leads both girls into the greathall. She pulls out a seat for both of them, "I'll get you some klah." Weir and Shepard are happy finding a perch in the rafters of the greathall. "I've got drinks, just tell me what you'd like." She tells them both.

Josilyn is quite content to look around for the moment as the two Weavers lead the way. She has something like a spring in her step as she walks, but not so much that it disturbs the small green who's finally asleep. She welcomes the place to sit, carefully settling in, so as to not disturb the hatchling or her skirts too much. "Klah would be lovely."

Serina realizes Kagora is going to do the honors tonight and doesn't argue, this time. "Um, klah is good, yes. If I could get a bit of milk in it…" Then her voice trails off as she doesn't remember if they have any spare milk for such things as klah. Yet she doesn't sit in the seat, instead disappearing into a room that leads to the large work area of the hall. In a few moments, she returns with a scrap of hide and stylus. "I knew I left it in there. Now, let me know if I got this right. Joislyn at Fort Weyr, graduated shades of pink in a scarf. Oh, I didn't ask how long you wanted it? About the length of shoulder to hip total or enough that it hangs down a bit after you wrap around your neck once?" Her tone has turned serious, mainly because she is trying so hard not to blush that she forgot something as simple as length, but she does when she realizes she forgot something else. "And..and how wide would you like it? One handspan, two?"

Kagora nods and returns with the two girls klah and some for her own. "Alright, the both of you go about your business. Serina, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll be right here working on lesson plans for the Journeymen." She tells the two girls.

"Ah, it's Josilyn," the Healer Apprentice corrects, blinking a few times. "Josi, if you must." She's not a fan of nicknames, persay, but she'll accept that one. It's cute and feminine! "I like really long and thin scarves. They make your neck look longer the more times you wrap them around." She's gazing off into the air as she likely imagines just how glamorous she'll look.

Serina nods and scribbles down the notes. "Ok, I think I have everything for the scarf. That is if you don't mind a simple knitted one." She smiles and takes the klah with a soft thank you and a nod to Kagora. "Now, about that outfit. What would you like?"

"I think the color is enough. I mean, wouldn't anything else detract from that?" Josilyn's not perfect with these things, but she likes fashion well enough. She takes small sips of klah. "That's the thing… I don't know. I like /my/ outfit, but they want something more… plain. They said all the lace and such isn't suitable." She pouts, "But I think I should be able to look pretty even in the infirmary."

Kagora nods and smiles as she watches the two girls interact. But she stays quiet, this is Serina's commission, not hers. McKay appears and the green takes a seat in her lap as the Master goes about her paperwork.

Serina raises an eyebrow. "Did you have a picture of what they normally wear? I'm sorry, I don't know what healers normally wear while on duty." She smiles sheepishly. "Or if you don't, can you describe it to me?"
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Josilyn lets shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. "Most just wear a simple blouse and slacks, or skirt. Plus their knot. And maybe a sort of coat or apron over, if things might be messy or they need more projects." Her brows furrow, "It's quite bland, really."

Kagora looks up and makes a single suggestion. "Serina, twill when sewn just right, dark in color, makes a very good apron." The Master suggests. She goes back to her paperwork.

Serina nods slowy and makes a little note before looking back up again, smile down to a warm one. "And would you prefer slacks or a skirt?" The scrap of hide is turned over and her eyes return to it as she sketches a very rough idea of what is on her mind while she waits for an answer. The outline of a blouse is beginning to form. "Oh, thank you ma'am. I haven't dealt with twill yet." A bit larger smile now to Josilyn. "Would you like an apron or coat to go with it?" Then her eyes return to the rough sketch as she tries to sketch in a bit of lace sewn onto the hems of the sleeves and not free from the fabric. Also a bit is sketched in on the neckline. "Oh, V neck or round neck?" This is asked without looking up. "Oh, and what color? Surely you aren't required to wear white all the time." She looks up long enough to wink at the healer apprentice.

It's a shudder. A faint one, but still a shudder nonetheless. "Skirt, please. Slacks are so… well, they're just not feminine enough." For her, at least. "Ah… Aprons, I like aprons. But maybe I ought to think about a coat, eventually, too. With how cold Fort gets." She strokes the green that still sleeps against her gently. "Ah… Round neck, I think." She blushes a little, thinking of all that a V-neck might imply. "Color? Well, my mother really likes me in the darker colors. She says it makes me look like a doll."

Serina nods and flips over the hide to write down skirt with an underine. "I suggest you get either an apron or a coat and come back another time for the other later. It is up to you though." The hide is flipped over again and the neckline made into a round one. "Here, would you like something like this? You can have a bit of lace around the neck and wrists sewn onto the cloth so it doesn't get in the way. As for darker colors, may I suggest a dark brown, green, or red to hide any messes you might encouter?" Her tone is polite but curious, as she hands over the hide. "I am sure you can get a bit of lace on the hem at the bottom of skirt if you want. The lace mind you will cost a bit extra, especially if you want it dyed a certain color."

Kagora looks over at the two to make sure they still don't need any help. She flips to a blank page on her notepad. At the top, "Serina — To Teach" and then she simply lets the lesson idea's flow. She still says nothing though, content to watch the two apprentices doing business.

Thinking for a few moments, Josilyn sips at her klah as she muses over it all. Her mother usually picked out her outfits, but Josi decided to be a bit adult about it this time. She is getting older, surely she can find her own clothes? "Well… red, I think, would be good. I mean, red and white look good. As does red and black." She looks at the hide and nods a little, smiling, "So I can still have lace? Just out of the way?"

Serina smiles and nods. "I don't see why not. As long as it isn't alone on the skin, you should be fine I think. Now, I don't mean to say it will be accepted, but I think if it is on the cloth, it should be ok. It won't flip around and get in the way of your hands and fingers. Though I must admit lace gets dirty on the hem of the skirt. Embroidery there would be better, but it is more expensive." She holds out her hand for the hide to continue her notes. "Would you like red and white or red and black? Do you want the blouse and skirt the same color with the lace different or the skirt a different color or?" The other permutations of color is just left off at the end of the question.

Passing back the hide, Josilyn is left to contemplate further. She likes lace more, even though embroidery would be pretty. Lace is just so /feminine/. "Red and white, I think. It's … nicer, I imagine, for the patients. And, ah… Perhaps a white blouse and a dark red skirt? I think that would look nice. Especially if the paron is red, too." She's liking this. No wonder her mother gets her so many clothes!

Serina returns the hide to her lap and writes dark red skirt and white blouse on it. "Now, one more thing. Do you want the lace to be white or red? Red on the white blouse and white on the red skirt or same color as the cloth?" Another note about the paron being red, the same color or slighty lighter than the skirt. "Ok, I think I got everything for what you want. Now, if you'll give a moment, I'll get your measurements." A warm smile before she stands, takes a long drink of klah, then disappears into the workroom for more scrap hide and a measuring tape. "If you could please stand." She says politely once returning.

"Maybe… if you think it'd be doable… the blouse white, with red lace, and the skirt red, with white lace? I like contrasting colors that still look good." Josilyn is quite excited now and almost tumbles to her feet before realizing the sleeping 'lizard is still in her lap. She carefully sets the green upon the chair as she gets up to be measured, setting her klah down.

Serina finishes the measurements and writing the last one down on the scrap of hide. She probably took twice as many as needed but it is all done. "Alright…Josilyn." She says the name carefully in remembering it. "Healer apprentice, at Fort Weyr right? I'll send you a message when it is done. I'm afraid I can't give you a time on when the outfit will be done, but I should have the scarf done in about a month." Now she smiles brightly and sets the scrap of hide with the other one. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" Then Dani wakes up and creels, which causes her to walk over to him, grabbing the bowl of meat on the way. "Here Dani." She puts him near the bowl as close as possible on the floor to let him eat, before returning to Josilyn. "Sorry, I didn't want him to start a ruckus. I learned that lesson with Felli here." She waited a bit to long to feed her and she was sqwaking and creeling up a storm, causing everyone to turn and look at her.

Josilyn submits well enough to the measurements. As if she were quite used to them. And she is. Once done, she curtseys to both Serina and Kagora. "Oh, it's quite alright! ANd yes, Josilyn at Fort Weyr. I doubt they'll be transferring me anytime soon, but if they do I'll be sure to let you know." She scoops up the green again, gently. "I ought to go see about finding a ride back now, but if you don't mind if I stop by to see how things are going when I have free time?"

Serina smiles and shakes her head. "Not at all. Feel free to come by when you can. I'll show you what I have done." She then returns the curtsey, since the girl is after a senior apprentice even if in a different hall. "Have a safe ride home."

A beam and a bit of a giggle as Josilyn realizes she has /new clothes/ coming. And a very excellent scarf. "Thank you so much! I can't wait to see it all." And then she's, complete with the firelizard, off to find herself a ride back to Fort.

Josilyn walks out of the great hall through the large arched way leading to the courtyard.

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