Ornaments Lesson

WeaverCraft Hall - Show Room
A high roof looms above, a spectrum of light fluttering down from the heart where a small circle of glass has been embedded into the whitewash. A pattern of roses blushes over the clear surface, pale against their bed of blurred greenery, an exotic blend of grass, chartreuse and forest entwining in the glowing display. The colours are reflected on the floor below, dancing blithely over the pale marble surface. A woven kaleidoscope bedecks the walls, tapestries of every size and description hung between tall, thin windows. Pale figures stand stiffly on marble pedestals, carefully arranged from the doorways; alabaster faces gleam stonily, painted with a drab impersonation of life. On each mannequin, different clothing flows; one wears a sheath of sisal, dyed the burning tones of sunset that shift to the glow of ember at the feet. Another sports a simple ebony jacket, leather gleaming and rimmed with ashen fur; the variety is enormous. Furthest from the double doors, the floor is raised in a stage; a walkway juts out at the stage center, ending under the beam of the skylight. Crimson curtains hang heavily, rustling over a doorway on either side of the platform.

Kagora is seated on the walkway/catwalk of the work room. She has several dried sticks, several palm fronds and strands of wheat straw, both braided and fresh, and several balls of yarn or spindles of yarn scraps. She's got two sticks in her hand right now, winding a dragon de ojos ornament for sale.

Serina enters the room and looks around, a bag with knitting needles poking out of the top is slung over one shoulder. Yet other apprentices pass her as she walks slowly, and soon she is last of the group to gather around the apprentice master. "What is that?" A motion towards the sticks in Kagora's hand and another apprentice turns to her with a sneer. "What does it look like? She's winding yarn on sticks for a stupid ornament!" "Fine, fine, no need to snap." Serina replies, but it is soft and she moves towards the other side of the group even though she gets many a look for something. Has it gotten around that she can't sew straight? Probably.

Kagora turns to the group of apprentices. "I was hoping I could get some work time alone. You." She points to the sneering apprentice. "You just pulled rain vat and water distilling duty with Kayde, since her back is bad. I was not aware that lessons were being held in this part of the hall today. I need to speak with Serina about extra help but the rest of you, shoo. There's design classes that half of you should be in in about 5 minutes." She points sternly to the door.

Serina stands with her head bowed at having gotten an apprentice in trouble, though she doesn't know the apprentice is almost always like that and getting in trouble for it. As the apprentices depart, muttering something about design class, Seri just slowly moves forward. "I'm sorry. I happened to mention you were going to teach and…" Well, the others must have assumed it was a full class. She sniffs a bit and then seems to be determined to get over this shyness if it kills her. "So, what is that?" She points towards the sticks and yarn.

Kagora holds up her ornaments. "I was hoping to get some quality time with the youngest and newest. You still haven't shown me a list?" Though her stern expression is gone. "These are called dragon de ojos. The people of the ancients world spoke many languages, the ones who made these spoke a language called spanish. Dragon is self explantory, even if we pronounce it differently. 'de ojos' means 'eyes of' therefore the translation is dragons eyes. You hang large ones from walls for luck, or from fixtures in the house on special occasions. They thought that since they were supposed to be dragons eyes, that they were good luck. The most popular colors are the colors of dragons eyes or hide, as well as an eight point variation known as 'Red Star'. Some types, the very difficult ones use braided wheat straw or palm fronds. I've been experimenting with those over there. Come, sit, would you like to make one?" She invites, pulling over a clay just of mint tea and some cups. "Tea as well perhaps?"

Serina smiles but it is weaker than usual. She really needs to learn not everything is her fault around her. "Oh, that makes sense. Yes, I would love to make one." Without even asking she reaches for a cup even though it is still empty. Her eyes are looking from yarn to fronds and back again. "Um…list? Oh, yeah. I'm sorry." She begins rummaging through her bag, trying not to pull the yarn and possibly endangering the knitting. "I know I put it here somewhere…"
Kagora offers the jug. "Let me pour you some." She reaches with her other hand for a pair of sticks to start it with. "And then I'll show you how to make one." She nods and offers a warm smile.

Serina grumbles and then her hand comes onto a piece of hide. "Ah, here it is." The hide sheet is pulled out of the bag and handed over. The list is long, with the sketchbook crossed out since Kagora bought that for her. There are notes by the textbooks and listing the three she loaned from Ierne. "Ah, thank you. Klah can be so harsh on the stomach sometimes." Especially if not brewed right. The smile gets larger and she leans in towards the woman. "So, how do you get one started?"

Kagora holds up the two sticks, and then a ball of yarn. "Start by tying the yarn around the middle of the sticks. Wrap it around a few times to get it sturdy. And then turn the sticks so that they look like a cross. Now watch, wind, loop, stretch, wind, loop, stretch. Around and around. When you want to change colors, tie it off at one end. Then tie the next color on and continue. If you want to hang items from the crosspiece of the sticks, I have small bells, shells and beads to tie from the end." Kagora demonstrates.

Serina watches intently, mostly watching the movement of the yarn and how the sticks are held. "Um, but those just look like a cross with yarn wound onto it. How do you get an eye from it?" Then her head turns to look at the items to attach and her face lights up. "Oh, I love the shells." Those this is commented to herself and she takes a sip of the tea, sighing at its warmth.

Kagora shrugs. "Well, Serina I must imagine, dragons eyes look like jewels right? You can't really make a jewel out of yarn. Also, for the Ancients, the cross was considered a very important symbol. So making a cross try to look like a dragon's eye was good luck. They had some interesting customs we get our yearly turnover traditions from. But one we didn't use, because wood was very scarce for a long time, was taking an evergreen tree, and making ornaments and hanging them on it. Dragons eyes were one of the ornaments they used."

Serina hms and sighs. "True, I guess they do like jewels. At the least the ones I've seen anyways. Well, I suppose it looks really good for an eye on a cross." More tea and then the cup is set down, and two sticks picked up, along with a bit of light blue yarn. "An evergreen tree and hanging ornaments from it? That sounds pretty. Too bad we don't do that." She smiles a bit more, then bites her lip as she starts to wrap the sticks, the yarn keeps slipping and coming right off. After the fourth slip, a soft sigh that turns into a snort.

Kagora nods and ties off the one she's working on currently. "Easy, you need to tie a knot like you would tying your showes, then pull it tight. Then twist the sticks." She sets the one she's just finished down and then picks up a half abandoned straw version of the ojos and carefully begins to weave and twist. The empty heads of wheat slowly move into place, hanging beneath the ornament. "The type that you're making can range in price between a quarter and three quarters of a mark depending on what you're making. Believe it or not the straw version is a whole mark. This….." She pulls another straw hanging, three interlocking loops. "Goes on the wall for two marks." Then she pulls out a version made with palm fronds. "The wonderful thing about this type is that you can make it with palm fronds you find down by the beach, another two marks if its dried properly and preserved."

Serina raises her eyebrows and looks up, after the sixth time the yarn slipped. "A whole two marks? You mean this could be more lucrative than even most clothing?" Afterall, she'd looked at the price list and seen the price of a blouse only about 3/4 of a mark. "Wow…" Her eyes look back down and then she takes the advice of making a knot. With the yarn knotted on, she carefully turns the sticks into a cross and begins wrapping the yarn around, though more careful as she tries to follow the path Kagora has taken on hers. "That straw one looks pretty, but I think I'd break them before I got them on."

Kagora shakes her head. "Just the big ones Serina. Most of these are small. And its difficult to cure the palm fronds in the correct fashion that they won't rot. The ones that I wove are difficult for a new apprentice to make. I would suggest staying with the small ones you're making. Further, wall hangings are very often expensive. Depending on how well they're made and the type. Ornaments such as this, or small patchwork pillows or other items, are very good ways to use up scraps and still make a few marks."

Serina ahs and continues wrapping the yarn. "Ok, just the big ones. I've seen some of the patchwork pillows up in the dorms and some are pretty. Those were all made from scraps?" Then again, there was one that was totally ugly and she wrinkles her nose at the thought that it should be thrown out. Soon she gets it to where she thinks it is done and holds it up. "Is this good?" The yarn reaches halfway down the sticks, and one loop is tucked in haphazardly on one edge where it wasn't stretched tight enough.

Kagora nods at the part about pillows. "Most of them, yes, but they still need backing. Still, the simplest way is to sew scraps on both sides instead of using perfectly good cloth for backing. Now, I need to work on hand sewing with you before you can use a machine. If you're not careful using a sewing machine you'll sew your fingers to the cloth. I have some scraps of white, tell me, do you have a little brother or sister at home?" Kagora asks, making a few more winds around the spars.

Serina sighs and nods, tying off the ornament yarn. "Yes, two brothers and one sister are younger than me. Though I think the youngest is ten now." Though the smile fades at the mention of sewing. "You do realize I can't sew straight right? Oh…I didn't bring that with me." The last part is muttered as she remembers she purposefully forgot to bring her sewing sample to the hall since it was supposed to be sewn on one edge and when from one corner to the middle of the far side. The ornament is now set down and she takes another sip of the tea before setting it back down.

Kagora nods, "Yes, I'm well aware that you can't sew straight. There's another reason why so many apprentices make those pillows. Its practice sewing for later. I have some old scraps of white, large enough to make a rag doll. I'm sure your sister wouldn't mind a doll for a turnday or turnover gift. That's a long way off. Perhaps if we work on your sewing starting tomorrow, you'll be sewing well enough to make a doll for your sister by the next turnover? Hmm? You know, the best way to get better at something you're bad at is to keep practicing until you get better."

Serina looks apprehensive but manages a weak smile. "Well, I can certainly try ma'am. I am sure she would like a doll, most of her toys were my old toys, which were my oldest sister's." Meaning her parents never spent any marks or extra food to buy new toys, and only a few new pieces of clothes. "If I can learn, I would appreciate it. Though, I don't know how much better I'll get. That reminds me, I need to order myself some new clothes." The last part is a mutter under her breath as she notices the patch sewn in by her mother in the skirt she is wearing. Then she smiles weakly. "Tomorrow you said? What time would you like to meet? I don't want to make you feel you have to spend so much extra time with me when you have all of us apprentices to look after." Now she's being self-concious of how much time Kagora is actually spending teaching her private lessons.

Kagora hmmms. "Tomorrow after dinner." Kagora nods. "I will tell you, however, I have never met an apprentice that I couldn't get through basic training. When I am through with you, you will at the very least be able to sew on par with the other apprentices."

Serina sighs and nods. "Well, if I can at least be able to put something together, I'll be happy. I know I'll never be able to sew as well I can spin or knit, even now." The smile fades a bit and she takes a long drink of tea while thinking. "I didn't get past the basic training so many of those seniors brag about coming in with? I mean, I know I can't sew, but I thought I did enough to warrant…sorry…" She looks away, realizing rambling to a master isn't proper.

Kagora says sternly. "What those seniors brag about is the initial skills that got them into the craft." Kagora tells Serina. "Your initial skills just happen to be spinning and knitting. You are given more training in order to get up to craft standard. I almost fell into a vat of dye my first year as an apprentice. Now I can handle the heaviest boiling hot vats quickly and without accident." Kagora is, indeed, the master specializing in dyes and designing. One would never know by watching her that she had ever /not/ been good at it.

Serina looks totally surprised and almost spilled her tea. "You, almost fell into a vat?" That imagine can't even be comprehended. "But you do so well with it now!" This makes her think some more and another sigh is let out as she picks up her bag and puts it back over her shoulder. "Well, I will practice, but I can not assure you I'd get better. My mom has tried to get me to sew straight for three turns and never could." Then again, that was like one hour a night just before bed after all day in the fields too.

Kagora smiles warmly to her apprentice. "Ask Kayde, she was the journeywoman who scouted me for the hall. She greeted me here and she watched every stitch, dye vat and blunder I've made to get to where I am. Its really, only by hard work, that you can become skilled. I began in the craft at fourteen. I made mastery about a turn ago. I'm now 21. The best tip I can give you is to keep practicing, and worry about learning more than about promotion. Eventually you'll be right up there with the other apprentices. Now, I have to box the ones I've finished away. You very likely have things to do. Feel free to take a few balls of yarn and sticks to practice with. Some shells and things too, they're all over the beach, and practice on your own time. Knitting is harder than making these. Practice for an hour or so on your own and you'll have a few good ones."

Serina grins truly now and nods. "Well, I may just do that. I didn't join the craft with the intention of being promoted anytime, just to learn. As much as my parents would rather have had the extra hands at home. Oh, thank you." The yarn and knitting for Josilyn's scarf is taken out of her bag then puts two balls of yarn, one brown and one green into her bag, along with a few sticks and shells. "Just don't be surprised about getting complaints I keep them awake." Without an explanation and only a wink, she puts the knitting and graduated pink skein of yarn back into the bag, along with the half-handspan length of knitting she has completed.

Kagora eyes Serina's job. "You're doing a great job with that scarf." She stands, putting away the things she's made into a box and carefully stowing it away. "Oh, and if anybody comes for commissions, please, try to take them someplace that doesn't smell. I don't want to leave a bad impression."

Serina beams with the praise and fingers the scarf before putting it away. "I have been working out in outside of lessons. Luckily I found a skein of the different colors of pink yarn to use for it. I hope it wasn't for anyone else. Or the small ball of sisal." She's been knitting a strand of sisal in with the yarn to give the glitter effect. "Of course ma'am. The courtyard would good for that during the day."

WeaverCraft Hall - Landing Field(#4260RJs)
This field has no need to be well-kempt with draconic feet constantly around stamping the person-tall grasses flat. Even the surrounding jungle dares not to intrude upon the lethal zone. Yet mingling amongst the trampled grasses, some flowery specimens still manage to peek up. Quick to grow and bloom, they somehow manages to keep healthy numbers even as an ill-placed paw means several deaths.

Perianth opens one eye, and whuffles gently at Serina

Serina acks at the whuffle upon passing the bronze head, clearly thinking the dragon was asleep. "Oh, hey there." She hesitates however to reach out and touch the nose. Instead, she moves a bit away with her bag to sit down in a grassy patch, then pulls out her knitting and begins working on the pink scarf without taking the yarn out of her bag. Instead, she lets it unwind in the bag.

Perianth shifts position, and moves closer to look at what you're doing, eyes whirling a greenish-blue of curiousity. After a moment, he stretches out his neck, and, very softly, nuzzles one of your arms.

Serina isn't noticing the bronze's activities and just keeps right on knitting. "Around, through, around, through…" She chants softly to herself and then stops after one stitch at the nuzzling of the arms. "Oh, are you interested in knitting? I don't think we make a yarn big enough for you to work with." This is said with a teasing tone since she happens to be alone, reaching out briefly to pat the dragon's nose before picking up the needle again and continuing to knit.

Perianth lets his eyes go half-lidded as his nose is patted, and he lays his head next to you on the ground, as he watches patiently, not bothering you any further.

Serina turns her head and smiles towards the dragon, though too clearly concentrating on her knitting to even think about being afraid of him. She begins her chanting again, then flips the piece over and begins going back the way she came.

Serina hears her name being called so puts the knitting away in the bag, gives the bronze one last soft pat on the nose, and runs towards the hall. Her bag bouncing against her leg.

You meander over to the courtyard, entering the room…
WeaverCraft Hall - Courtyard(#4428RJLs)
Festive to the eyes if not also the ears, this courtyard is filled to the brim with life. Around the edges of the large expanse of space, brightly blossomed plants stare into the open expanse with petalled faces of red, yellow, and blue. Between the cobblestones that carpeted the ground of the area, tiny white flowers have thrived, filling in dark crevices with their cloud like flowers which remain just low enough to avoid all feet that may be rushing across.
The clifface into which most of the rooms have been chiseled takes a commanding presence. On any given day, new brilliant banners can be seen dangling off the balcony that rests high above or from assorted windows. The great doors themselves, which usually remain open, revealing the great hall, have been painted in likeness to the leafy denizens lounging about.

Serina runs in from the landing field after hearing her name called, but can't see anyone in the courtyard except those few apprentices running around the edge of the hall towards the outhouses. "Oh drat it, why do I have to be the subject of pranks?" So she slows her pace to a slow walk, before plopping herself down in the grass a bit aways from the door and sets her bag down that was bouncing against her legs. Looking around and seeing she has some time before she has to go in, she pulls out her knitting and begins working again.

A'mon is standing in the doorway of the great hall, speaking to a passing apprentice. Gestures and words are exchanged, and then the apprentice points towards Serina. A'mon's eyes light up and he starts over towards her, long strides eating up the space between them. On his shoulder, half-hidden under his shirt, is his new little green firelizard, who is peeking out curiously at the world around her. A'mon pauses in front of Serina, clearing his throat. "Excuse me, miss?"

Serina looks up and is startled to find a man whom she remembers seeing before but can't place where. The stitch half done is finished before she lets her hands fall into her lap. "Yes sir? How can I help you?" A warm smile crosses her lips, but her face is tense with apprehension. Still a bit uneasy around strangers, but at least she's talking. Her fingers fiddle with the stitches on the knitting needles, the stitches a dark salmon in color with the ones right below them being a lighter shade of rose. The brown hatchling is fast asleep on her shoulder, not even bothered by all the movement as of late. Her green is no where in sight.

A'mon seems to realize that she was actually doing something, and frowns. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your work." He says sincerely. "I heard you talking about pretty pink… things… at the firelizard hatching a few days ago. I have a problem I think you can help me with." He gestures to the knitting, looking a bit lost. "I need one of… those." He finishes lamely. "For a girl."

Serina listens as the man speaks and then nods, smiling brightly for once. "Oh, one of these? This is a scarf I'm working on for a healer up at Fort Weyr. Just give me a moment to finish these stitches and you can take a look at if you want." The last few stitches are worked deftly, before the work with the one needle still holding the working stitches is handed to A'mon. "If I may ask, where does this girl live? Scarves wouldn't be useful for someone who lives in the warmer climates, but I can knit even looser than this or with finer yarn and make like a head scarf or veil which I heard would be perfect at Igen." Then she realizes she has probably said to much and her cheeks turn the color of the knitting, though she forces herself to keep her eyes on A'mon. "And please, call me Serina, or Seri. I'm an apprentice here at the hall." This is added quickly and with a bit of a swish of her hand.

A'mon err's audibly. "Ah, scarf." He says, showing his completely lack of intelligence of the knitting world. "Well, she's at Ista. Weyr, that is." As the needle is handed over, he takes it carefully and just kinda holds it. "So it would have to be cooler, I guess?" He quickly hands the knitting back over and rubs his hands. "She likes green, though. She's a greenrider. Can you do something like that in green?" He steps from foot to foot as Kaskaskia, the firelizard, sneaks out of her hiding place to creel at the young brown. A'mon reaches up to pet her with one hand. "I'm A'mon, I ride blue Aurleth. He's over there." He gestures towards the landing field.

Serina smiles a bit more and nods. "I can make one in green. As for her being at Ista Weyr…let me think." Which she does, looking away from him after taking back the knitting and carefully tucking it away in the bag, then she stands. This finally wakes the brown up, or the green creeling does, and he yawns then blinks over at his sister, but doesn't respond. "Well, would she like something this small or a little bigger? I can knit blankets, scarves, and some veils with the right material. This one was requested to have three different shades of pink, do you know of any particular shades of green she likes or would like together?" At the mention of a blue dragon, she turns her head to look unconciously, then turns back with a sheepish smile. "Sorry. Well met A'mon, right?" Her pronounciation of names needs a little work though.

A'mon sighs a little. "I don't know." He tells her flatly. "Maybe something down here?" And he makes a few gestures, pointing to various parts of his arm. "Like, something to wrap around herself after swimming? She's always cold after swimming." He nods, then winces. "Can you do that?" Now that the brown is awake, Kas creels again. A'mon taps her nose lightly. "Hush." He tells her, but of course she doesn't listen. She starts climbing across A'mon's shoulder and down his arm, chirping. "Colors?" A'mon asks, bewildered. "Well, green." Duh?

"Wrap around after swimming…at Ista." Serina comments to herself and thinks a bit more. Dani gives a soft creel to Kas and then yawns again. Can't anyone get any sleep around here? Yet he gets up and glides down off his pet's shoulder and lands on the ground with a thud. Ugh, rough landing. "Well, I could knit a light blanket with some thinner yarn to wrap around her shoulders when she gets cold. I have found some nice lace patterns for blankets I was going to try out anyways. I am sure I can find one that would give some nice breathing room but still be warm. I'm sorry, I don't know how cold Ista Weyr can get." The sheepish smile returns for a second before she ohs. "Yes, like shades of green. There are lighter shades, darker shades, and pretty much everything in between. We can even get some greens that are just have a hint of green within the white. Like this." With that the skein of yarn used for the scarf is pulled out of her bag. "See, this part of the yarn is almost as dark as a red color but still be pink, while this part here is lighter. That is what gives this scarf it's different colors. However, I have seen that different colors can be used in different areas, but I'm afraid I don't know how to do that yet. I haven't gotten that far in my training." Another smile, those this one a bit wider.

A'mon shakes Kas off his arm, and she thumps to the ground as well. There, she gets into a 'pounce' pose, chirping a challenge to Dani and wiggling playfully. "Light blanket, yeah, that works." A'mon says, brightening. "That would work, especially if it's girly, she's a very… girl… girl, yaknow?" He grins a bit bashfully. "Oh, shades… okay. How about something like that?" He motions to the scarf-in-progress. "Like, lighter and darker? I don't really know what she likes, just that she likes green." He shrugs, finally seeming to relax. "And I don't know a dragon's tail from one of those." He gestures to the knitting needles. "So you're the best judge."

Serina actually allows herself to laugh, at the comment about the girl being a girl girl. "Ah well, a lace patchwork seems to be girly for some. Unfortunately, I can't help you there. I never did like to wear lace, it itches too much. I can add some bits of yarn to the edges and around the entire blanket if you want. I think that will make it more appealing to a girl. Let me write this down so I don't forget." She rummages in her bag for her sketchbook and a stylus. Once it is pulled out, she turns to a blank page and begins scribbling down the colors and blanket, including the type of lace she is thinking of using. "Ok, now…" Her eyes return to his and she smiles even more. "How big do think it should be? How tall is she? Do you want it wide enough to totally wrap around from shoulder to shoulder or just large enough to hang on the shoulders but not cover the chest?" She demonstrates on herself, by motioning from one shoulder all the way around to the other shoulder, and then second with an approximate space on the chest that wouldn't be covered with the smaller version.

Dani turns and looks at Kas, then decides to play her little game. He hops to one side, moving his tail tip back and forth a bit. His eyes turn to blue-green of curiosity and he waits for her to make the next move.

Kaskaskia creels happily as her tail swishes back and forth. As Dani hops, she hops with him, her nose practically touching the ground. She army-crawls up, sneakily, and reaches to tap him with her nose, then scuttle backwards a few steps.

A'mon chuckles, as well. "Ah, well." He grins. "She likes lace. I seem to remember seeing a skirt or something all lacy." As she writes, he falls quiet, watching the firelizards. "She's, um, shorter than I am" Considering he's 6'3", that's a given. "Kinda like… here." He uses his hand to show about where she would stand. "And, um… I don't know. Surprise me, since I don't think it will matter either way."

Serina nods and writes a bit more down, gauging how high she is from his approximation and giving a minimum length requirement in her notes. "Alright, I'll make it large enough to wrap all the way around then." Her eyes looks up briefly with a glitter in them, then that is written down as well. "Is there anything else you would like?" This is asked politely, but her eyes are distracted by the firelizards that play in the grass. Then her face changes as she thinks of something and quickly writes it down about how she can use different shades of green in set places, like a large striped pattern.

Dani watches as she crawls up to him, then shakes his head with confusion as she taps him on the nose, sitting up a bit. Now wait a minute, what was that for? Yet then he pounces forward and stretches out a wing to tap her back.

Kaskaskia squeals outrage as she's tapped, and scuttles back behind A'mon's boot, peeking out from behind it. She chirps, tail flapping against the ground, and then jumps back out and spreads her wings, flapping them in Dani's direction.

A'mon chuckles. "Okay." He agrees, watching her scribble things down. "Sounds good. Is that all you need? Just the, uh, blanket will do for now. We'll see if she likes it and who knows, I might be back." His eyes glitter and he grins.

Dani's eyes go blue with laughter as Kas runs back to the man's boot, then hops backward a couple paces as she reappears and flaps her wings at him. He sqwaks with surprise and opens his wings to keep from falling backward.

Serina is beaming now, with such a large grin on her face. "Yes, I think that is all I need. If you would like, I can send you a message when I have a good amount done that you can see what it will look like and you can come see. I must warn you though, this will take me at least a month to complete but probably no more than two. Is that alright?" Her back straightens a bit at his comment about he could possibly be back if she likes it, taking pride in what work she can do right now.

A'mon listens seriously, nodding. "That would be great, if I could see it in the makings." He replies, "And two months is not unreasonable at all. Although her turnday is in…" He pauses and ticks off fingers. "Six weeks? So if you could get it done by then, that would be great, but if not that's okay too."
Kaskaskia seems to 'giggle' as Dani has to balance, and she stretches out to nudge him in apology, crooning. She tucks her wings back in and uses one leg to scratch at her neck, itchy.

Serina makes the note about turnday in her notes. "I can try my best to get it done for her turnday, but I can't guarantee it." She doesn't go into all the problems that could occur for her not to make it. An apprentice running out of the hall and towards the outhouse around the corner distracts her for a moment, then she returns her eyes to A'mon. "How about I send you a message in about three weeks for you to come take a look. If all goes well, I should have it half done by then."

Dani keeps his balance, thankfully enough, then croons in return to her apology. She just startled him was all. Now he yawns again though and his inner eyelid begins to droop. So sleepy. All this jumping around is making him weary again.

A'mon smiles brightly. "That would be great." He says, glancing over towards the landing fields. "Would you mind if Aurleth came to say hello? He likes meeting new people. If not, that's fine, i'll tell him to go away." He chuckles. "And he wants to see 'the pretty pink thing'." He rolls his eyes, showing that this is not an uncommon request from the blue dragon. "He should have been hatched a green."

Kaskaskia isn't exactly bouncing around any more, either. She croons at Dani one more time, and then starts to scuttle towards her pet, scratching at his boot demandingly.

Serina laughs and puts her sketchbook back in the bag. "Not at all. I was in the field earlier and seemed to attract a bronze's interest with the scarf. I'm surprised I'm so easy around dragons, seeing as I haven't seen one but in the sky until I came to the hall. Got an introduction to dragons and between all in one day." Then she shudders at the memory of that cold that is between, deciding instead to pick up her bag and sling it over her shoulder. "Hatched a green? What does that have to do with it? You wouldn't believe how many boys here jump at the chance to make lacy clothes for the women that ask for dresses."
Dani, seeing the green has returned to her pet, moves slowly over to his own and butts Seri's leg with his head then croons. This causes Seri to reach down and pick him up, then place him back on her shoulder. Now back on his perch, he wraps his tail around her neck and settles down for more sleep.

A'mon scoops up Kas before he gestures to the landing field. "Shall we?" Chuckling, he starts off as a blue head can be seen trying to get into the courtyard.

A'mon wanders over to the landing field.

You meander over to the landing field, entering the room…

WeaverCraft Hall - Landing Field(#4260RJs)
This field has no need to be well-kempt with draconic feet constantly around stamping the person-tall grasses flat. Even the surrounding jungle dares not to intrude upon the lethal zone. Yet mingling amongst the trampled grasses, some flowery specimens still manage to peek up. Quick to grow and bloom, they somehow manages to keep healthy numbers even as an ill-placed paw means several deaths.

"Sure!" Serina says a bit more enthusiastically than she actually feels. Yet as she enters the landing field, she realizes the bronze is gone but she can already tell the blue is smaller. No comment is made about this fact, walking quietly behind A'mon, reaching up occasionally to rub Dani's head to help him go to sleep.

Aurleth is stepping from foot to foot, and as his rider appears, he wuffles at him. His head comes down and he nudges A'mon, who scratches obediently, before moving over to Serina and sniffing her. He croons and hunkers down, belly to the ground and chin just barely off the ground, and wuffles. "He says you smell good." A'mon remarks dryly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Serina blinks as the dragon comes near her and unconciously takes a step backwards. "Uh…thank you." This is stammered out and she looks at those eyes and is lost for any more words for a moment. "Though…I don't know why…" She says finally and then settles her feet so she doesn't fall over, not really noticing the skirt around her legs moving with each of the blue's sniffs. Pointedly she turns her head to look at A'mon. "He wanted to see the pink scarf, right?" Her right hand disappears into the bag to pull out the knitting if it still turns out to be the case.

Aurleth backs off a tiny bit, still crooning softly. A'mon nods, "Yes, he wants to see it." He says, partially apologetic. "He's a bit pushy but he means well." He remarks, moving to stand next to the dragon's head and place one hand on the blue. "He's just a very curious one." Kaskaskia makes a flying leap to land onto the blue's neck and scrambles up to curl up between his headknobs, settling tail-over-eyes.

Serina chuckles softly and sighs. "I'm sorry, just…not used to be sniffed at." This is said to both rider and dragon before she carefully pulls out the knitting, resetting the stitches on the needle so they don't fall off. "Here you go." She says when she finally gets it pulled out, pushing away the trailing yarn that goes back towards the skein of yarn still in the bag. Then the green firelizard is noticed, on the blue's head, causing her to smile a bit. "I bet that is comfortable for her." A chin nod towards the firelizard. Unfortunately, her feet are still frozen in place.

Aurleth tilts his head slowly so he can train one eye on the knitting, and then he wags his head back and forth. "He likes it." A'mon translates. "And… Hey! No, you can't have one." This last part is directed towards the blue, as A'mon turns to face him with a look of incredibility. "Those are people 'pretties', not dragon 'pretties'. You have your straps." The dragon hems and haws and complains in general, that much is clear, and A'mon just shakes his head. The firelizard is glanced at, and then he chuckles. "Yes, she's always there. Or clinging to the straps. Aurl seems to like her well enough."

Serina smiles a bit more, but doesn't beam this time, instead stepping back as the blue's head moves back and forth. "Well, I'm glad he likes it." Then the one-sided conversation she hears is looked with some curiosity. "Ah well, I'm sorry. To make a dragon size one would take me at least two turns." This is meant to be a joke, but comes out more serious and incredulous than she wanted. "That's good." She comments about the green, motioning to her again, before carefully putting the knitting back into the bag.

A'mon sighs a little. "Alright, well, we'd better get going. Thank you, and send a message along when you're ready." He smiles, and then starts to mount up, using Aurleth's leg as a hoist. The blue wuffles one more time, and then waddles over to an open area, crouching and getting ready to leap.

Serina gives a nod and watches as the rider mounts up onto the blue. Then more cheerful than she feels, for she now realizes how tired she actually is, there is a wave given to the pair before she turns and begins walks up towards the hall.

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