Selling Commission To Josilyn

It's not long after the word that her comission was ready that Josilyn is off and away to the Weaver Hall. A favor asked of a rider and she's there. Now she just needs to organize their Weyr in return, but she's an odd duck who enjoys that kind of thing. After a few requests of Apprentices here and there, the Healer is ushered into the Work rooms. She stops, looking around and taking things in, before slowly moving around to try to locate Serina.

Serina gets notified by one of the newer apprentices that someone is looking for her and puts the green blanket away in her work bag. Once it is done, she stands and idly rubs off non-existant dust on her pants. Her eyes still have that hollow look of being scared to death, but at least the rest of her face shows the emotion of cordiality. Her legs take her towards the entrance, around a group of apprentices practicing their sewing and another group sorting cloth scraps. "Ah, Josilyn. You got my message I assume. Please, follow me." Her hand motions a wave towards herself, then she steps so she is mostly profile to the healer. "I was notified today your outfit was ready. Jale, one of newer masters, agreed to sew the pieces together for me."

A bit of a jump as she's startled from looking over one of the outfits on those mannequins. Josilyn has the look of someone caught doing something they shouldn't. She wasn't really doing anything wrong, but it /is/ someone's workplace. Or a lot of someones. She relaxes soon enough and beams at Serina, smoothing her skirts a bit as she follows the other Apprentice. "Oh! Lovely. I can't wait to see it!"

Serina chuckles softly and then motions across the room where a couple mannequins are set up. As they get closer, it is clear that outfit and scarf ordered is on one of them near the outside. The white blouse almost sparkles in the glowlight with the bit of the silver brushed onto the edges of the cloth. Add to this the darker red of the lace, skirt, and apron. What is startling is the scarf wrapped around the neck, just barely able to stay on. It is a mixture of light pink and pink almost dark enough to be red itself. "Ah, here we are. I put it up on a mannequin so you can see how it looks from all angles. I'm afraid this is the only way I got the scarf to stay on." It may be thin, but with almost no neck on the simuloid, it hangs more than rests.

"Oh!" Josilyn pauses near the mannequin, eyes widening as she sees the outfit. She begins circling the mannequin, clasping her hands before her as she looks the outfit over. "It's lovely! It /sounded/ lovely, but it /is/ lovely! And this scarf!" She giggles. "Oh, I can't wait to wear the scarf around!"

A'mon wanders into the workrooms from the direction of the great hall.

Serina smiles more, showing her teeth a bit more which are luckily only slightly yellow from recent klah drinking. "I am glad it pleases you. Now, I know we didn't talk about how much this would cost. I was told by master Jale that she wants 2 marks for the outfit and the scarf will be an eighth of a mark." Her voice cracks a bit, but she recovers quickly. The prices are high on purpose, to allow for bargaining. So now she stands with her hands clasped behind her back. "Oh!" Her face brightens a bit. "Would you like to try it on first before you decide?"

Already quite pale, Josilyn blanches a bit at the cost. She's quiet for a moment, musing over the outfit. She reaches out a hand to touch the lace on one of the sleeves of the blouse, making a small sound in her throat. It's so /pretty/. She thinks back to the last time she did any sort of shopping with her mother and steps back, tipping her head in a nod. A deep breath. "Yes, I would, please." Even if she can't figure out the bargaining, at least she can feel oh-so-pretty in it and maybe it will give her strength. Yes, the precious will strengthen her.

Serina nods and moves forward to the mannequin. The scarf is taken off first, put over her shoulder, then she undoes the buttons the blouse as carefully as possibly. Once undone, the blouse is taken off and placed over her shoulder with the scarf. After the skirt button is undone, it is carefully pulled down the legs, and the mannequin lifted off its support to take it off. With the mannequin back in place, her eyes return to Josilyn. "Alright, we have a little dressing area over here." Right behind the mannequins is a bit of screen that had been pulled out for another customer and one of the curtains is behind it. The clothes are then handed over to Josilyn. "Here you go ma'am. Go ahead and go back there to try them on. If they don't fit right, then we'll have to make some adjustments." Another large grin, and her hands clasp in front of her after the clothes are taken from her arm.

A'mon pauses for a moment at the doorway of the workroom, eyes scanning the tables. As he spots Sirena, he starts to move to her, boots making clopping sounds against the marble floor. He slows as he nears her, perhaps realizing that she's speaking with another, and finally stops a few feet away. He crosses his arms and leans back against one of the work tables, looking over the garments before they're taken down. As they're handed to Josilyn, he straightens and clears his throat.

Try not to be too excited. Her mother said that once. Josilyn, however, can't contain the little squeak of joy that escapes once the outfit is in hand. She holds it gently, savouring the fabric. Then, with a broader grin and nod, she moves towards the dressing area. She glances over her shoulder to A'mon as the rider clears his throat, gives a respectful nod, and ducks behind the screen. Then there's the tell-tale rustling of clothing being removed and put on.

Serina can't help but giggle at the squeak Josilyn gives. Her mind, however, was too concentrated on the woman to even hear A'mon's approach. Therefore, his clearing of the throat makes her jump sideways, almost toppling the mannequin she took the clothes off from moments before. "Oh, sir…I'm sorry. I didn't hear you come in. One of the journeyman…" She stops there, realizing she was about to complain about that certain elder journeyman that loves to sneak up on the apprentices and then start barking at them to make them jump. He gets a laugh, some of the younger apprentices made messes in their undies the first couple of times. "You are here because..? Oooh!" Her mind gets into gear and she looks towards the screen, then gives a curt nod and walks briskly back to her corner of the workroom for her bag.

A'mon tries very hard not to grin big. "I apologize, I didn't mean to surprise you." He says sincerely, half-bowing at the waist. "I received your message about the commission and decided to drop by on my way to another weyr. I hops this isn't an inconvenient time for you!" As she goes to get her stuff, he glances at the curtain where Josilyn had disappeared. "I can come back another time."

With clothing as elaborate as what Josilyn wears, it takes some time to get out of it and into it. So she doesn't seem about to come out anytime soon. Likely Serina has some time, at least.

Serina shakes her head. "Oh, it is no problem sir, no problem. I just forgot I had sent you a message, but I was working on your order earlier." She gives a glance to the screen, but doesn't see Josilyn coming out, so reaches into her bag and pulls out the blanket. It takes up most of the bag being about two-thirds of the way done and over three feet long. The end that is being worked on is still on the knitting needles. "Here you go sir. As I said, I'm not done yet, but I should have it done within two sevendays. I hope that is in time for your girl's turnday." A sheepish smile now, as she forgot when he said the woman's turnday was.

A'mon's face turns from concerned to a bit awed. "Shards." He says, chuckling. "It's beautiful. How much is left?" He reaches for the knitted fabric, then pauses, hand outstretched. "I'm sorry, I don't want to mess it up." His hand returns to his side. "The colors are wonderful, though. I think she'll very much like it. Two sevendays? That should be fine." He nods, more to himself than to Serina, then glances at her. "Have you spoken to your master about price?"

It's a few moments later that Josilyn steps out, in her new outfit. Complete with that scarf — even if it clashes a little — around her neck. She turns a bit, looking over her shoulder, trying to see the back. A thought, then, and she starts glancing around for a mirror. Trying to be a little self-sufficient at the moment, to not interrupt Serina.

"No, I insist. I have capped the needle so the stitches won't fall off. Go ahead and feel it to make sure it is soft enough for your liking. I found a skein of yarn spun real loose for softness then asked Master Kagora to dye it for me. Oh, price?" Serina has to think a moment, and at that moment she sees Josilyn come out. "Oh, wonderful! That outfit came out even better than I had hoped. You look stunning in it!" Flattery is a wonderful thing when selling clothes. She excuses herself from A'mon for a moment to move the mirror near the wall into position. "Here, go ahead and take a look for yourself." A large grin and then she side-steps back to A'mon. "Price. Well, I was told with this lace pattern about a mark, another half if I add some yarn detail to it which I was planning to give it some pretty accents." Then she leans in to whisper to A'mon. "I think it was because the yarn has a bit of cotton spun in for that soft feel."

A'mon takes the knitting as per her instructions, eyeing the caps she spoke of with an 'ooohhh!' look. He feels the yarn and nods. "It is soft." He agrees, then falls silent, looking over the lace pattern while she speaks with Josilyn. He does add in a quick "It does look very good on you.", smiling at Josilyn, before looking back to the blanket. As price is discussed, he just nods, not bothering to bargain. "Give it the accents, I'm sure it will look great." As she leans in, he chuckles. "I'll trust you on that." And he nods, handing the knitting back. "Mark and a halfmark sounds more than fair."

A passing Apprentice is able to point Josilyn at a mirror and the Healer flounces over to it. She turns this way and that, getting a good look at the clothing. She hops a bit on her toes, watching the way the fabric falls. "Mmm," she muses, "less … pretty than I like, but not so boring as what they'd have me wear." She giggles, but softly, "Perfect." She turns and considers, "Well." And then she's walking back to wait quietly by the dressing area.

Serina smiles brightly at A'mon and then nods, taking the knitting back and carefully folding it down into her bag. "Alright sir, it should be done in two sevendays as I said. Would you like to pay for it now or when you pick it up?" She does however keep Josilyn in the corner of her eye and when the woman returns to the dressing area, she turns on her heels to face the woman. "Does it sit right? How does the cloth feel?" She is circumventing the payment option so as to put the woman at ease. "I hope your girl will like it when it is done. I have also been asked to do pillows in hold, hall, and weyr colors to practice my sewing…if you are interested." This is said with a smile to A'mon.

"The skirt is a bit loose," Josilyn says, shifting her hips a bit. The skirt does slide around on her slim waist a bit. "But the rest of it is great and the fabric… it feels nice, but it's sturdy. That's good." She's at least /somewhat/ responsible and not too squee-girly over it.

A'mon shakes his head. "When I pick it up, please. Marks are at Ierne. I look forward to when it is finished, however. And those pillows may need some thought! Do you think you could make a dragon-sized version?" He winks to show he's kidding, laughing. "For now, I'll leave you to this young lady." He gestures to Josilyn, then half-bows, smiling "Thank you for your fine work. Be sure to send for me when it's finished."

Serina nods and excuses herself from A'mon to go over and check the waist of the skirt. "Well, ma'am, I'm afraid if I have it taken in even a bit it would cut into your skin." She comments after checking and standing up. "I am glad that otherwise it fits well and it feels good. I can have it taken in a bit if you want, but I was told to collect some payment on it when you came. I am sorry I didn't discuss the price with you earlier." A'mon comments are heard and she turns her head to look at him with astonishment, then realizes he is only kidding. "I will. I would be happy to make you one dragon-sized, but I am afraid it would cost as much as a Master's tapestry." Oh Faranth, she can actually tease in return!

A'mon looks a bit surprised, but pleased. "Ah, well. Until we meet again. Good day!" Chuckling, he nods a goodbye and turns, striding out of the workrooms and towards the main hall.

Josilyn considers that, thinking. Well, she /is/ used to wearing a belt and that does make a difference. She turns back to consider the mirror, before giving a nod. "I think I see what you mean." She inches back to the dressing area, "Let me change and we can discuss payment?"

Serina nods and waves a goodbye to A'mon as he leaves, then steps back so Josilyn can change.

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