Southern Boll Hold


Even the weather of the tropically-located Southern Boll is romantic and strangely vibrant, refusing to stay a simple external force of nature. Instead it permeates everything with its mood and is best used as a tool to deepen the content of any roleplay - whether it is the pouring rain, a heavy and almost oppressive heat, or the sea breeze that brings a relief from it.

"In the still heat of the night air, a thin sheen of sweat brings a touch of relief, and everyone seems to move a bit slower, a bit more restlessly, seeking some sort of distraction under the oppressive heat."

"Outside, the rain pours down nonstop, the sound of it steady and constant. Midday has become almost dusk-like and the air has cooled down dramatically, perhaps even seeming cold in comparison to the usual heat."

"With the windows all cast open, a breeze is drawn inside, cooling off the normally warm and somewhat stagnant air. The sun is starting to set as well, and so the light has taken on a dimming, but warm glow that can be seen reflected upon every wall."

Of course, all things can change and vary. The rain can be warm, and it can be accompanied by a thunderstorm. The air is not always hot, but can be simply pleasant. The breeze can range from a gentle caress to a near wind that is able to whip clothing and hair alike wildly. Depending upon the time of day, the inside of the hold may be flooded with light, or it may be covered in the warm embrace of shadows and darkness in contrast to the brightness outside. In the evening, the moons' light may touch everything with a peaceful silver or it may cast the warmer glow of a hot harvest moon.

Realistically, due to its location near the tip of peninsula, surrounded by warm waters, and near a major ocean current, this area of Pern is also subjected to a hurricane season. Its likely that there is a true rainy season as well, when it seems to rain nonstop for days on end, but as of yet, neither of these seasons has been featured in any local TinyPlots, making them a definite possibility in the future.

But of course, the truly important thing to remember about the weather and climate of Southern Boll is the type of atmosphere it can help create in your roleplay.


Casual, elegant, and hopelessly romantic, Southern Boll Hold is one of the more stylish places to live on Pern. It is a place of relaxation, past-times, vices and personal whims, with the most mundane worry being the tropical heat. But even the temperature is somehow fitting, adding to a more laid-back way of life. Open windows and refreshing sea breezes. Warm, restless nights. This is Caribbean living at its most ideal.


The type of meals served in Southern Boll are a bit more exotic then the basic meat and tubers of other Northern Continent holds. Not only is the hold wealthy enough to do more elaborate dishes, but it is also incredibly rich in spices. Unlike other regions, Southern Boll can and does grow a large amount of seasonings and spices, making them all that much more obtainable for frequent use. The hold is also one of the few on Pern that can enjoy chicken on a frequent basis. Of course all other varieties of meat are available as well, including tropical fish. There is also a vast range of fruit grown here, but less of the traditional, common vegetables seen in more temperate areas. However, rice (or rivergrain) is an extremely common food staple, as is pasta.

The meals themselves end up being full of flavour and frequently spicy as well. Best described by the Terran names given in the Ancients' cookbooks, the list of the most commonly used styles is long and varied: Polynesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Caribbean, Cajun and Mexican. Helping to counter the spiced nature of the meals, the desserts served at Southern Boll are almost entirely fruit-based. More or less light, the fruits also serve as the perfect refreshment in the typically hot tropical climate.

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