Staff Guide

Adding A Character Page

  1. All character pages should be named 'character:<name>' simply type in the address for the new page in the address bar. It won't be there so hit 'Create Page' and enter any information.
  1. Add the tag for the character's rank (app, srapp, jman, or master). This will add them to the listing page for their rank.

Character Page Errors

The character page template is setup so that all character pages look the same with the sidebar information. There are a number of lines (====) separating some of the information. This is so that that information can be pulled into other areas of the site (primarily the weaver listings). This is where you will find the most common error with player pages. If something doesn't look right on a character's page check to make sure the ====s are in place.

Retired Characters

When a character retires (is no longer on the grid due to idle nuke or simple retiring of the character) there are two steps that need to be taken.

  1. Go to the character's page add add the 'retired' tag. This will remove them from all the active listings.
  2. Go to the Former Characters page and add them to the listing there. (Note: It could be setup to have them auto added to this listing simply by adding the retired tag, however to keep the dragon name on the listing and old characters who were before there was a wiki this has been decided against.)
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